Gobustan And Mud Volcanoes

Gobustan And Mud Volcanoes


Welcome to Heydar Aliyev Center! It's a cultural center where you can meet with the life of our past president, see some items that belonged to him, learn our history , and of course visit different exhibitions every month. By the center, there is a big green park where you can take rest, and the sculptures to take the pictures with. You can also use your camera inside the center. On the first floor there is a cafe, where you can eat. The entrace and the ticket reception are in the different places of the center.


Let’s have adventures in Azerbaijan! The perfect place is Gobustan, with it’s mud volcanoes! Geologists of NASA studying Mars planet, concluded that mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan are similar to uplands of the planet for their structure, so you can touch Mars yourself! You really have a chance to touch the inside of the mud volcanoes. But that’s not all! Gobustan will surprise you with one more mistery: ancient scripts! You will see the old scripts on the stones, and not all of them are explained until now…

The Tourist Advice!

We suggest you to join a tour by traveling in Gobustan, because you will have so many questions, that will need to be explained.


Baku city, Gobustan

How to get there:

  1. By the train: 0,60 AZN

  2. By the taxi: from Torgovy (Nizami street) – ‘’+ -“ 20 AZN

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The Tourist Advice!

We suggest you to buy other exhibition tickets also by visiting this center!


Heydar Aliyev Avenue 1, Baku city.

Working Hours:

 11 AM – 7 PM Everyday Tue - Fri

11 AM - 6 PM Sat - Sun


(+99412) 505 60 01

The Entrance fee:

5 AZN 

How To Get There:

  1. By the metro: (Nariman Narimanov station) – 30 qepik;

  2. By the bus: (bus numbers 2, 5) – 30 qepik;

  3. By the taxi: from Torgovy (Nizami street) – ‘’+ -“ 8 AZN.

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