Heydar Mosque

Heydar Mosque


Muslims are mostly welcomed! Heydar Mosque: One of the grand architectural projects of recent times is the Heydar Mosque with four minarets, was built in Baku in the architectural style of Shirvan-Absheron .This mosque is not the largest construction cult-religious architecture not only in Azerbaijan, at the same time in the entire South Caucasus. The area of Heydar Mosque is 12,000 square meters, the height of the four minarets is 95 meters. The large and small domes of the mosque is 55 and 33 meters high, respectively. The facade of the mosque is made of special stone style of Shirvanshah architecture and interior decoration is made of marble and wood. So if you are in Azerbaijan for the first time, necessarily visit this wonderful sight! This mosque is always open for all the muslims from whole the world, (no matter which kind of muslim you are), and this is also an amazing bulding, that needs at least attention because of it's beauty!

The Tourist Advice!

We strongly suggest you to visit this mosque , if you are in Azerbaijan. Because some years later, it will be the pride of this country, as a sight and just a beautiful masterpiece.


 Hamza Babashov, Baku

How to get there:

  1. By the bus: (numbers 79, 26).
  2. By the taxi: from Torgovy (Nizami street) – ‘’+ -“ 10 AZN

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