Kurabiye recipe from Azerbaijani cuisine

Kurabiye recipe from Azerbaijani cuisine

Here is the nice looking, easy and very delicious cookies recipe from Azerbaijani cuisine.

Necessary products:
  • butter – 100 g;
  • powdered sugar – 4 tbsp;
  • egg white from a large egg – 1 pc (or 2 small proteins);
  • flour – 180 g;
  • vanilla;
  • jam
How to prepare: 

1.Beat a soft butter with sugar powder until smooth.

2.Separate the yolk from the egg white.

3.Add the egg white in the sugar and oil mixture and mix well.

4.Sift the flour, add it to the mass in small portions, add vanillin and knead the soft dough.

5.Transfer the dough into a pastry bag or cellophane bag with a cut off corner.

6.Cover the baking sheet with baking paper.

7.Extrude the dough from the pastry bag in small portions so that the distance between the products is at least 1 cm.(Would you like to make this dish together? Join our Cooking Masterclasses to learn and taste the national cuisine of Azerbaijan!)

 8.Put a little jam in the center of each cookie.

9.Put the baking tray in the oven, preheated to 200 ° C, and bake 15-20 minutes until a pleasant golden crust.

10.Cool the kurabiye and serve with tea, coffee or milk. Such biscuits can be given to children in school or taken with them to work for sweet snacks.

Nush olsun! ( Bon Appetit! )