Shaki baklava( Shaki halva) | Preparation

Shaki baklava( Shaki halva) | Preparation

If asked which is the most famous dessert of Azerbaijani cuisine, this answer must be baklava! Sheki baklava, the famous dessert of the Sheki region, is one of the baklava varieties. Here we present the recipe 

Necessary products:

Sheki pakhlava has three main parts: rishta, stuffing and syrup.

The main ingredients are rice flour, sugar, peeled hazelnuts, coriander seeds, cardamom, and saffron.

One of the specific requirements for Sheki pakhlava is to use rice flour ground only in a water mill. The other characteristic is containing grid-shaped rishta made by pouring kneaded dough onto a hot griddle through a special funnel with eleven holes and baking it in a minute.

How to prepare:

Stuffing is made of crumbled hazelnuts, ground cardamom and coriander seeds. After placing 8–10 rishta layers on a round copper tray, the stuffing is added and then it is covered with 5–10 rishta layers. The top layer is decorated with saffron in a square shape reminiscent of shabaka. It is generally baked over charcoal for 10–20 minutes. Hot sherbet syrup is poured on Sheki halva before leaving it to rest over 8–10 hours. (It's best to eat this delicious dessert in its own region - Shaki ! Would you like to go? CLР ”Р’°CKHERE  )

Nush olsun! ( Bon Appetit! )