5 Funny reasons Why you may not want to visit Azerbaijan

5 Funny reasons Why you may not want to visit Azerbaijan

Here are 5 reasons we prepared in playfully style that about why you might not want to visit Azerbaijan!

1. Time machine may take you to the past but not bring you back! 

First of all, it is a factor that Azerbaijan is one of the lands where the first man set foot. Findings from the stone age during archaeological excavations are proofs of them.There is such a place that it will make you feel as if you are in a time machine. It is the historical museum complex of the National Qobustan, located in the Qobustan district, a bit far from the capital Baku.

Р ”Р’°t will be the oldest thing you've ever seen! Visit Gobustan Rock Art Museum to touch the real history. Extensive and interesting information about the earliest living places (caves), art types( rock paintings), and even music (tambourine stone ), occupations (hunting, fishing, fruit picking and etc.) of the great ancestors are in Gobustan. The big rocks under the open air are the continuation of the museum complex exposition. The drawings on the rocks will show you the history of ancient people's life.
Thee modern museum building here has maps of the old version of this land and mock-ups of ancient people and animals, as if you are going to go to that stone period and in order to tell the true and real history in the best way. 

Being in the land where the first man - our ancestors set foot in and to see their old lives in a virtual and alive way will make you feel thinkful and very excitement. Thus, by visiting both the modern museum building and the open-air museum, you will feel as if you were on a time machine and traveled back to the earliest times.

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2. Take care of the flames, Some places can burn you! 

It is not in vain to call this country the Lands of Fire! Azerbaijan was a mysterious place for the ancients. Flames often burst from the mountains and sea. Imagine what the people thought back then when most worshipped the natural elements of earth, fire, air and water. Zoroastrianism, once one of the largest religions in the world and believed to have influenced the birth of Judaism, was born.

 One of those place whic represents fire in Azerbaijan is Atesgah (Fire Temple), Ateshgah Temple is a pentagonal complex located in Surakhani district in Baku. This is a courtyard surrounded by cells for monks and castle-like religious temple-altar in the middle. Based on Persian and Indian inscriptions, temple was used as a Hindu and Zoroastrian place of worship.

Yanardag (Burning hill) is the other place. Р ”Р’°f you want to see the exciting sight of the hill which has been burning non-stop for 16 centuries visit Burning mountain around Baku! 

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3 We warn You! You can gain weight from extremely delicious food! 

Located geographically at the intersection of the East and the West, Azerbaijan has a colorful and delicious cuisine due to its unique nature and favorable climate and with the influence of other minorities in this region. With its unique cooking methods, there are juicy, dry, dough dishes such as roasting, boiling, barbecue and other cooking methods. Foods that are generally considered to be high-calorie and are remembered for being delicious enough to leave a mark on the palate. But nobody who comes to this country comes back without tasting these flavors and there is no one who doesn't like these tastes.

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4. Reason: You may be afraid of excessive attention and hospitality here! 

Considering that we live in a time of longing for sincerity, goodness and innocence, you may be surprised when you communicate with these people. Azeri people are famous for their philanthropy and hospitality. Especially visit the villages in the mountainous regions of Azerbaijan, you will see that they will open the doors of their own houses, make delicious meals and host you very well without demanding you anything. The sincerity of those naive people you will not find anywhere will astonish you and make your heart warm.

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5. You can get stuck between many time periods in one city. It may surprise you to see two periods together; a city with a modern and past times synthesis – in Baku city

As a country that has been subjected to different occupations many times, Azerbaijan has also adopted the culture and art styles of different occupying countries and reflected it in its own art. As a result, we know according to the reflection of many different times and cultures together in one place. Baku - a city that possesses artworks of the Khanate period, the Soviet period and Modern times. If we look at it from a good perspective, the findings of architecture and works of art that are inherited from those times and represent the memory make our country more valuable both in terms of history, art and tourism.

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