Baku Azerbaijan during the process of COVID19 (corona virus)

Baku Azerbaijan during the process of COVID19 (corona virus)

Another deadly incident that has shaken the world with the SOS signal in recent months is the deadly Coronavirus originating from China. The virus, now known to be a relative of the SARS virus, appeared in Wuhan, China in December last year.

According to reports, the number of victims of the disease has exceeded five hundred. There are thousands of carriers and it is possible to increase these figures.

In our country Azerbaijan, as in the rest of the world, discussions on the subject in the media and social networks do not stop.

So what are the current situations in the country? Let's review the general situation under some essential questions

Statistics of the number of deaths, patients and risks in the country

A total of 34 COVР ”Р’°D-19 cases have been identified in Azerbaijan to date. One of the carriers died, 10 patients recovered, 23 patients continue to be treated.

What measures were taken and what bans were implemented across the country?

Entrance from regions to Baku also stopped

Travels from other regions to the cities of Baku, Sumgayit and Absheron were banned until March 29. All vehicles are checked at the city's entrances and vehicles with full of citizens registered in other provinces are sent back to their regions.

Strict measures are being implemented in the country to prevent the spread of new types of coronavirus. Cinemas, museums, theaters, entertainment centers and gyms are still closed, and the wedding ban continues. Novruz celebrations, which feature colorful images every year, will not be held this year.

Most places were closed in Baku.

Although the law stated that the restaurants and cafes were open until 21:00 at the beginning of the measures, afterward this time period was restricted until 15:00.

Bars and nightclubs are closed as per the government's decision. Mosques and other places of worship in Baku and other provinces are also closed under measures.

Shopping markets and groceries are open but mobility is very low. Due to the Novruz Festival, the density is observed in the markets. There is no lack of food and cleaning materials on the shelves.

The most popular attractions remained empty.

The result is that this scourge has had an impact on the entire sector, mostly to tourism.

The density of people has decreased in the avenues and streets of the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, where measures against the new type of corona virus (COVР ”Р’°D-19) outbreak and social distance measures have been implemented.

In Baku, which remained calm despite the pre-Novruz Festival, the city's squares accustomed to the crowd remained empty when citizens did not go out on the streets within the framework of coranavirus measures.

 The most famous touristic places of capital city as Fountains Square, Nizami street, Old city which welcomes thousands of people every day, now displays an empty image for days. The majority of those who go out onto the street also use masks.

So, how is the application of disinfection measures?

Although the crowd decreases, the streets and streets are disinfected to prevent the virus.

Antibacterial cleaning is carried out every evening in the metro, which is the public transportation vehicle used by the public in Baku and the buses serving in urban transportation. The disinfected vehicles are made ready for comfortable use of the people in the morning.