Complete list of shopping places in Baku 2020 Updated

Complete list of shopping places in Baku 2020 Updated

There are many reasons to visit a foreign country: business trip, relatives visit, sightseeing or shopping. If you say that "I belong to the last category of what you mentioned", this article is for you!

First of all, check out your wallet! 

 It means you have to need choose a shopping place that suits your budget. So what kind of shopping do you want to go to?

• Do you prefer very cheap and affordable mid-budget local shopping markets and bazaars?

• Or the places where luxury, expensive and wellknown brand shops located?

What do you intend to buy?

• Outfit?

• Souvenir?

• Gifts?

• Or you’ll fly over the ocean just to by a magnet that suits your fridge?lol

What kind of products and especially where they are beeing sold? This topic is also should be considered.

Right then..Get ready! We present you the best samples for shopping in Baku.

We present you 5 categories of options for shopping in Baku.

  1. Tourist center Nizami street
  2. Malls
  3. Sadarak and BР ”Р’°na shopping malls far from the city center
  4. Shops at metro exits
  5. Local public bazaars that most tourists don't know about

1. Nizami street (Targovaya street)  -

 The most popular and iconic tourist attraction in Baku. Walk and see interesting sculptures and monuments. Do shopping from stylish shops. Eat delicious meals in chic restaurants. Take good selfies..So enjoy your day!  Read more about Nizami street 

2. Malls 

Shopping malls in Baku are quite a lot. The new ones continue to open. These architecturally beautiful buildings are very easy to find in terms of location. It was generally built close to the subways exits. These modern shopping places presents elite boutiques selling exclusive things like clothings, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, souvenirs and the stores of the world's most popular brands like KOTON, LC Waikiki, New Yorker, Chicco and etc . As examples of shopping malls in Baku, we can say Park Boulevard Mall, 28 Mall, Metropark, Ganjlik Mall, Khagani Mall "Click to see the "List of All Shopping Malls in Baku"

3. Sadarak and Bina shopping centers far from the city center 

This is a big shopping center built in the form of departments. Here there is a combination of many categories and many varieties all needed. Essentially, it is the..Read more about Sadarak bazaar

Bina Bazaar Baku is the place where you can find variety of products: starting from the clothes to furniture and so on, for a very low prices.Read more about Bina bazaar

4. Shops at metro exits

Sometimes the subways are not only transportation , they can take you to nice and stylish shops that give you opportunity to do affordable shopping in compare with expensive wellknown stores in the city center. In the exit areas of some subways in Baku, there are many shops suitable for shopping. Especially..Read more

5. Local public bazaars that most tourists don't know about

There are some shopping places that you will find the products with more cheap and affordable prices in the city. Of course they are a bit far from the city center. But if you are interested in more interesting places preferred by local people we can give some examples as Bakikhanov bazaar, Sabunchu flea market and so on. Click the link to see the list of the cheap and affordable shopping places in Baku

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