Shopping places near the metro exits in Baku

Shopping places near the metro exits in Baku


Sometimes the subways are not only transportation , they can take you to nice and stylish shops that give you opportunity to do affordable shopping in compare with expensive wellknown stores in the city center. In the exit areas of some subways in Baku, there are many shops suitable for shopping. Especially Ahmadli, Narimanov, Sahil metro stations. You can find clothing, household items and food stores near these metro stations exits. Even if you want to take a break, you can eat and drink something at one of the small restaurants, coffee shops nearby.

Ahmadli - As you go up the stone stairs through the pavement, you will see that there are very spectacular shops, restaurants on your right and left sides. It will surprise you to have very beautiful shops selling nice products with affordable prices here. You can see here the branches of many well-known brand stores that you have always seen them in the city center.

Narimanov - Especially the place where you can find children's clothes shops mostly. There is a street called Ahmad Rajabli that you will see al lot of brands furniture shops and electrical stores from all over the world. There are also restaurants, coffee shops near here like Mado, MC and etc. The big shopping mall - Metropark is also near this metro.

Sahil - It is one of the most popular and touristic places in the city. Here more care, cosmetics, accessories and perfume shops you will see. You can go on foot to Baku seaside boulevard and Park Boulevard Mall by exiting this metro station.

28 May 28 May subway station exit is a place famous for its crowd. Because there are many well-known venues around it. There are many clothing, books, care stores and even restaurants and cafes here. LР  Р Р‹ Waikiki, KFC and the famous 28 Mall will be seen right off the metro. In addition, the underground passage shopping area, which is preferred by the local people, makes it more crowded.

Of course there are many examples, not just that. However, we have presented you the metro exits with most shops near of it.

The Tourist Advice!

We suggest you to visit 28 Mall, if you want to have the best shopping experience in Baku!

Work hours:

09 AM - 07 PM

How to get there:

From any metro station to the exit of Ahmadli, Narimanov, Sahil m/s

You can also join ourCity Tours, to do shopping from the metro exits mentioned above.