How to spend 24 hours in Baku

How to spend 24 hours in Baku


You’re going to travel to Baku and only have 24 hours, so you won’t have enough time to experience all the city. Do not worry! In this article we will cover several places and interest like;

  • where and what to eat in Baku
  • historical, cultural, art places in Baku
  • beautiful city sights and hotspots of Baku for Instagram
  • ...and most importantly, how can we fit all of these only in one day!

Let's divide a day into several shares to have a glance what can be done in the city at these different times of the day.

1. Let your day begin peaceful with little walking at seaside Boulevard

We think that there is nothing as healthy as walking by the sea early in the morning. A small walk on the beach, which is a quiet place, will relax you when there is no crowd early in the morning.

-Breathe fresh sea air!

-Be energetic by walking and warming your body!

-Fall in love with the beauty of the azure Caspian sea!

-See the flame towers that seem as if they are near you!

-Take a photo with the blue Caspian sea embracing you in the background!

Baku Boulevard also called as Seaside National Park, is a promenade established in 1909 which runs parallel to Baku's seafront. Its history goes back more than 100 years, to a time when Baku oil barons built their mansions along the Caspian shore and when the seafront was artificially built up inch by inch. In 2015, White city Boulevard advanced 2 km to the east of Azadlig Square, and there are reports that the boulevard may be 26 km long, including the Bibiheybat mosque.

Of course, considering that it will be just a little morning walf before breakfast you do not have to walk all this long distance. It will be another thrill to come back here again at night and see the other beauties here in the light of night

2. Accomplish the morning with nice breakfast in Icherisheher (Old city)

Breakfast table at one of the restaurants in Baku Old city

 After this healthy walk, get down Р ”Р’°cherisheher (Old city) to have nice and nutritious breakfast. There are very good cafes and restaurants there. The essential of traditional Azeri breakfast - egg, honey, gaymag, murabba, (jam) , pastries varieties and many delicious things are waiting for you to be eaten. Of course, let's not forget the black tea as well!

3. Take advantage of the noon time by taking a trip full of history and art from Old city to Nizami street


We fulled of energy with a great breakfast. Now its time to dive deep into history and rebirth with modern beauties of the city.

Old city (Icherisheher ) - Alleys twist and branch along the gently rising cobblestone streets. So this can tire you a little. But a separate beauty that you will see in every street will get your fatigue. The combination created by handcrafted benches, old method but solidly erected stone houses and their wooden balconies will give peace.

Most of the must-see attractions in Baku are near Icheri Sheher. The 15th-century historical core features Maiden Tower, Palace of the Shirvanshahs, Carvansarai, a lot of mosques, baths and the world’s only Miniature Book Museum. Expect to spend two or three hours experiencing the Inner City’s attractions.

-Get lost in the labyrinth of the historical streets!

-Walk around the fortified walls!

-See the masterpieces of the old city Maiden tower, Shirvanshahs palace complex, Miniature museum!

-And inspect the traditional souvenirs and carpets on sale!

Nizami street -Targovaya

Nizami street (Targovaya) is a large pedestrian and shopping street in downtown Baku, Azerbaijan named after classical Persian poetNizami Ganjavi The traffic-free segment, which begins at the Fountains Square and ends at the Rashid Behbudov Street is commonly known as Torgovaya ("the merchant street" in Russian). The total length of the street is 3,538 m.

This outstanding space hosts myriad of shops of worldwide brands, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. The street also accommodates the embassies of Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and Austria, as well as the European Union Delegation to Azerbaijan

There are many historican landmarks by walking the street like Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, Musa Naghiyev's house and many beautiful residential houses that constructed by famous architect in the 19-20th centuries.

It is a great shopping venue with many options for shopping clothes,shoes,souvenirs and etc. Stores of world famous brands are also here. Koton, Zara, LCWaikiki and etc.

Another beauty of this place is the fact that there are a lot of fountains that take a fresh look to the center. By the way modern and interesting decor sculptures will attract your attention.

When night comes the street, which becames another beautiful with its night lights and gets crowded with people. So This part of the city turns into the hottest point in Baku at night.

-Walk the enormous street by seeing historical buildings and residential houses that constructed by famous architects in the 19-20th centuries!

- Pass by National Literature Museum, which is a wonder of sculpture and architecture!

- Do shopping from nice and chic shop stores!

- Eat and drink something in one of the in one of the places where delicious things are served!

- Just sit back and relax in the Fountains Square!

-Take funny selfies and enjoy the day!

4. Have a great lunch in local restaurants . Taste delicious Azerbaijani local cuisine.

A restaurant table with delicious azeri dishes

There are many beautiful,chic restaurants to eat delicious things in Nizami street.

If you don’t want to seat somewhere and want to have a quick snack, you can buy and eat delicious street food sold outside like hotdog, potato chips in garbage, doner and so on. 

Of course, you can also find famous fast food restaurants around like MC, KFC.But we recommend you choose local restaurant when you are in a new country. Eat the most famous dishes and desserts of Azerbaijani cuisine. Pilaf, Kabab, Gutab Pakhlava and so on. We are sure that you will not forget their uniqe taste.

5. Crown your night with good meal and national Azerbaijani live music

Shirvanshah museum restaurant - Enjoy live Azeri music, eat delicious mealsand return to old centuries here

We can recommend Shirvanshahs Restaurant for dinner and good moments with family or friends in Baku. Each guest who comes to this old place that belongs to the second part of the XIX century will have opportunity to taste rich and delicious dishes of different regions of Azerbaijan. In “Shirvanshah” restaurant that is considered to be one of the very rare museum-restaurant of our capital you will enjoy national and ethnic music in performance of our well-known musicians and mugam masters, look at art works created in different years by Azerbaijani artists, get acquainted with patterns of copper-smith, carpet art, jeweler’s art prepared by our masters, home things and jewelry, at the same time other national art patterns. Each guest will have opportunity to get sufficient information of Azerbaijan way of life, culture and art that was 100 years ago.

6. Complete your night in the Highland Park (Upland Park),by watching the panoramic city view of Baku.

Baku city view at night from Highland park (Upland park)

Baku- such a magnificent city at night as in the morning. When the sun goes down, this modern city truly dazzles. Each building in the centre shines in its unique light.

- Admire the fascinating Baku Lights Night city tour during the all night and be inspired by numerous colorful lights and decorations;

You can get back to seaside Boulevard again for an evening trip and to see the beautiful illuminated architectures Government House, Little Venice , Baku Eye , Crystall Hall, Baku entertaiment Center nearby.

Р ”Р’°n the end you can Stop at Highland park if you will have a energy to continue the trip. The panoramic views are breathtaking if you still have breath after climbing 200 plus steps to reach the top. Many sites to see in the park and the view of the Caspian Sea and Harbor area priceless. Don’t loose the chance to see the city's famouse iconic masterpiece - Flame Towers at night.

Another commonly known name of this park among people is Kirov Park. Martyrs' Lane, Alley of Martyrs is also located here. Р ”Р’°t is a cemetery and memorial in Baku, Azerbaijan dedicated to those killed by the Soviet Army during Black January 1990 and in the Nagorno-Karabakh War of 1988–1994.

The one particular reason that makes the Highland Park unique is that it has a panorama looking over the city, Baku bay, Seaside National Park stretching along the bay. That explains the reason the park was called “Highland”.

The Tourist Advice!

We suggest you take Baku city Tour which will let you to enjoy main things to do in Baku in one day. It will give you the opportunity to visit the most famous sights of the city like Old city (Icherisheher), Seaside Boulevard, Nizami street, Highland Park, Flame towers and other must see places.