Candy Cane Mountains-New Symbol of Azerbaijan

Candy Cane Mountains-New Symbol of Azerbaijan

Candy Cane Mountain is a range of colorful mountains located around 90 KM from Baku, Azerbaijan. Although the attraction made less interest, currently it’s one of the top places that people wants to visit. One of the main reasons why the stop gained very big interest among the visitors is that, the similar attraction is also located in Peru, with the name of rainbow mountain.  The famous British author Mark Elliott are among those who visited this place and wrote on his book.

The area is also very interesting for geologist in order to understand tectonic movements and history of the area.


How to go to Candy Cane Mountain?

One of the best and easiest way of going to Candy Cane mountains, is to book a tour.

Meanwhile, if you are wishing to go to candy mountain, having a tour which includes candy cane mountains only may not be the best choice. Therefore, people who as wishing to take a tour to candy cane mountain are usually taking a combined tour.

You have several options to add it to your combined tour:

Candy Cane mountains inside Khinalig tour

Candy Cane mountains inside Shahdag Tour

Candy Cane Mountains and Besbbarmag mountain tour


If you already bought a holiday package which includes Shahdag or Khinalig, or you are planning to book a tour to Shahdag or Khinalig, you can easily ask the tour operator to include candy cane mountain in your program. If you did not book your tour yet, sure, you we would be happy if you can book your tour from us.