20 Helpful Azerbaijani phrases for Tourists

20 Helpful Azerbaijani phrases for Tourists


First of all, we should say that even in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, not everyone knows English well You may need to take a guide with you while traveling. But if you are one of those who love to walk and explore on your own, and especially if you are going to visit places that are not very touristic places at the edge of the city center, do not ignore that you will have to communicate with the local people there.

We have selected and translated 20 helpful sentences for you that you can use easily in greeting, meeting, shopping, ordering at the restaurant and etc.

Here are those phrases!

1.Salam [Salam]

Translation: Hello!

Common greeting in Azerbaijani. You can use it when you first greet someone you know or don't know.

2. Bağışlayın  [Bagishlayin]

Translation: Excuse me

Most commonly used when you bump into someone or need someone's attention. Can also be used as "sorry".

3. Sizi olar bir dəqidə? [Sizi olarmi bir dagiga ?]

Translation: Can you look here please?

It is used by calling out someone who is a little away from you to look back at you before asking something, that is, to attract attention.

4.İngiliscə bilirsinizmi? [Ingilisja bilirsinizmi?]

Translation: Do you know English? 

When you approach a Azeri person, it's polite to ask first if they know English

5. Mən sizi başa düşmürəm [ Man sizi basha dushmuryam]

Translation: I do not understand you.

You can say it when you don't understand what the other person is talking about

6. Mən ancaq ingiliscə başa düşürəm [ Man anjaq inqilisja basha dushuryam]

Translation: I understand only English

You can say it shortly after the phrase of "I don't understand" in Azerbaijani. It needed when you don't understand what the other person is talking about.

7. Bizə lazımdır [Biza lazimdir...]

Translation: We need...

When there is something you need, say the first this sentence to the person and after say the name of the thing you need.

8. Bunun qiyməti neçiyədir? [Bunun giymati nechayadir?]

Translation: How much is it? 

It is used while shopping if you want to ask for the price of something in the market, in the bazaar or anywhere else

9. İcadə olar mı toxunmaq? [Ijaza olarmi tokhunmag? ]

Translation: Is it allowed? / May I touch?

When it is necessary to ask before touching a person's personal belongings or anything in the shop that sells very expensive and fragile things.

10.... Hardadır? [Khardadir?]

Translation: Where is it? 

When you are looking at a map and need directions, point at the map and ask by using this phrase.

11. Buraya necə getmək olar? [ Bura neja getmaq olar?]

Translation: How can I go there?

This is the other variant of the question of "where is it?" It just provides a detailed explanation of how you should get there. Which way you need to go there or with which vehicle and so on.

12. Ayaq yolu hardadır? [Ayag yolu haradadir?]

Translation: Where is the toilet?

If you urgently need a sink, you can ask Azerbaijani like this.

13. Zəhmət olmasa [Zahmat olmasa?]

Translation: Please

When you politely ask for something, this sentence is finally said.

14.Çox sağ olun [ Chokh sagolun]

Translation: Thanks a lot 

Most common way to say "thank you" Use it to express your satisfaction with the service shown.

15. Çox yaxşı  [Chokh yakhshi]
Translation: Very good

It is an expression you can use when confirming what is said or when you like something. Р ”Р’°t is used in abstract terms.

16. Çox gözəl [Chokh gozyal]
Translation: Very beautiful

It can be considered as the equivalent of "very good". The difference is that it is used when it comes to expressing visible beauty.

17.Dadlıdır - Ləzzətlidir- [Dadlidir]/ [Lazzatlidir]

Translation: It is delicious

When you taste the food for the first time, or after eating it, you are asked how was it, or you can express your satisfaction yourself without having to ask. If you taste local dishes one day in Azerbaijan, you can be sure that you will use this sentence a lot! ;) 

18.Necesiz? [Nejasiz?]

Translation: How are you? 

Р ”Р’°t is a question that kindly asked someone . When you want to ask about mood of person you can use this question.

19.Mənim adım... [Manim adim..]

Translation: My name is…

Р ”Р’°t is used when introducing yourself to the person for the first time.

20. Hələlik/ Görüşərik [Halalik] / [Gorusharik]

Translation: See you

While saying goodbye to someone, you can say it by shaking hands or waving hands from a far.