Restaurants in Old city Icherisheher Baku

Restaurants in Old city Icherisheher Baku

Icherisheher (or with other names: Old city, Inner city, Icherishekher ), the historical district of Baku, is one of the most preferred touristic places such as a place to be visited and discovered with its rich history and architecture. This place, dating back to the 11th century, is a real museum complex with its old rich history and buildings such as the Şirvanşahlar Palace, Maiden's Tower, caravanserais, mosques, baths and so on.

It may take you a long time to visit the museum complex completely. It is likely that you will be hungry while visiting this place. But don't worry İcherisheher is a place with wonderful restaurants and cafes that serve delicious food.

Here are the most famous restaurants and cafes in Icherisheher with all their features, location, working hours, contacts and out of 5 rating over Google ! 


Raiting 3.8

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Azerbaijani cuisine • The place for Business lunch, Tourists, Family , Dinner, Breakfast, Romantic date, Meeting with friends • Wi-Fi • No smoking hall • Card payment • Offer Dish from the chef • Food delivery • Live Music 

Mangal restaurant in Old city Baku Mangal restaurant interior

When you go for a walk in Icherisheher, you will certainly notice the Manqal restaurant. The main landmarks are Gosha Gala - the double doors enter, upwards and to the right from which you can find the fortress walls and the Kichik Gala Street. Go along the street no more than 100 meters and you will certainly catch on the Manqal restaurant.

The interior of the hall of the restaurant "Mangal" is dominated by antiques, handicrafts made in the spirit of Azerbaijan traditions. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with ancient Azerbaijani folk instruments, wood compositions, which, combined with household items, symbolize the coziness of the Azerbaijan house.

The menu will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated gourmet. A special pride of the restaurant is Brazier. Dishes cooked on charcoal will help you feel yourself in nature.

Restaurant "Mangal" - is a family place, where you can spend good time . You have the great chance to sit at the window and watch the outside Icherishekher life all day long from the early morning till the dead of night. At night, you have the great chance to enjoy the live music background and mugam. You will enjoy the Caucasian cuisine along with pleasant relaxing music. Sometimes, that is really noisy and crowded. Therefore, that is not so easy to find the free place as well. Therefore, hurry up to book your table beforehand, especially in the case when you are going to relax with your friends.

Address: Kiçik Qala street 126, Old City, Baku, Azerbaijan

Working hours:Opens 10:00 - Closes 00:00 

Phone: +994 55 920 10 15

"Kohne Seher" 

Raiting 3.9 

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • National cuisine

Kohne sheher restaurant in Old city Baku Kohne sheher restaurant interior

The restaurant of national cuisine Kohne Sheher, located in Old City, offers guests the best Azerbaijani dishes according to old recipes from the chef. Unobtrusive background music sounds in the restaurant, we have cocktails and a variety of drinks delights. The interiors are designed in a colorful and somewhat ornate oriental style with rich wood carvings, carpets and cozy guest hones.

Kohne Sheher is great for large celebrations. Also you can come here to just have a tasty meal, have a good evening, and the original atmosphere, combined with the location of the restaurant attracts guests of Baku.

Address: Kichik Qala 28, near Palace of The Shirvanshahs, Old city , Baku Azerbaijan 

Working hours: Opens 9:00 - Closes 23:30 

Phone: + 994 50 375 00 80

"Mugam Club" 

Raiting 4.3 

Features: Late-night food • Breakfast • Great cocktails

 The interior of Mugam Club restaurant in Old city Baku Live music in Mugam club restaurant  Baku

Mugam Club is the next no less true historical and cultural property of Icherishekher. You certainly have to remark it. That is the 17th century building. It used to be the caravan saray. It was the place, where far back in the past the trade caravans came to sleep and relax. Nowadays, we call it the "Hotel". You are in the cozy armchair, sit at the table and enjoy the caravan saray in the middle of the yard, which hides in the shadows of the evergreen branches.

Here you will certainly feel yourself like Shah and have the great chance to choose any of the various national dishes you wish. Without any doubts, the saj with the chicken and beef meat and the luxury-cooked giurza immediately will conquer your heart.

The restaurant name is completely justified. However, nowadays like a cetury ago, every evening you have the great chance to enjoy the antic mugam here. We insist to visit this establishment the entire city visitors, who really would like to enjoy the unique love and the eternal truth songs. The antic mugam starts at 7 p.m

 Saj with the evergreen figs trees; The wide choice of the hookahs; The smart games like: the backgammon; The ancient architecture and the history spirit value of this place.

Address: Hagigat Rzayeva street 9 Baku 1004 , near Maiden Tower, Old city , Baku Azerbaijan 

Working hours: Opens 9:00 - Closes 00:00

Phone: +994 12 492 31 76; +994 12 492 40 85; +994 50 440 20 50


Raiting 4.2

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Cuisine: National cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Steaks

Han  restaurant in Old city Baku Han restaurant interior 

Caravanserai, that was considered the"hotel"of the 12th century, which caravans, passing along the Silk Way, were resting.There are 2 entrances, one from the Caspian Sea and the other from the"Old City". At the 20th century,it was used as a teahouse and after the 2000 years it turned into a UNESCO-saved historical monument.2010-2017, he acted as a restaurant Art Garden and now it is a restaurant-Han. This restaurant continues the activity of Azerbaijani,Turkish cuisine and steaks a special dish Caburga Dolma,which requires 5 hours for cooked on its own steam.There are special dishes from the liver as-Parda Jiyar.Breakfast is also served in a national style.The traditional dishes of the Azerbaijani cuisine-Dushbara,Hangal,Yarpag Dolma,Saj Tava,Kababs,Gutabs,Fishes and Pilaws are included in menu. Also in the caravanserai there are 1 big area(400 guests) and 9 VIP rooms. Guests enjoy not only delicious dishes from the menu,but also touch up to 900 years history.

Address: 22 Asef Zeynally street, Baku 1095 , Old city , Baku Azerbaijan 

Working hours: Opens 9:00 - Closes 01:00

Phone: +99451 225 77 77

"Bürc Qala" 

Raiting 4.1

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Family Style Restaurant • Parking • Takes Reservations • Outdoor Seating • Good For Groups • Waiter Service • Full Bar • Brunch • Cuisine: Azerbaijani

Burj Qala restaurant in Old city Baku Burj Qala restaurant interior

Into account the patriots of our historical country and national gourmet cuisine, we would like to introduce you a Brand New Restaurant -Museum Burj, located in the Old City in other words, in the heart of Baku. Nowadays, this gem with elements of historical architecture and culture of our nation and civilization.

Visiting this restaurant, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the ancient ages encounter with antiquity, describing te life and deeds of our ancestors, such as "Shirvanshahs" Shah Ismail Khatai and other historical figures which can lead legends and many interesting historical facts. And that’s why we invite you to visit Restaurant-Museum Burj together with your friends, where you can gather around the big "round table" appreciate the values of our culture , our national taste delectable cuisine that has developed over the centuries.

Address:Kichik Qala 15 , near Palace of The Shirvanshahs (3 min walk from Palace of The Shirvanshahs), Old city , Baku Azerbaijan 

Working hours: Opens 7:30 - Closes 23:50

Phone: + 994 50 227 00 90

"Old Baku"

Raiting: 4.0

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Cuisine: National Azerbaijani cuisine

Old Baku restaurant in Old city Baku Old Baku restaurant interior

Soul of ancient Baku.. We present you the legendary flavors of Baku here . The location and atmosphere of Old Baku Lounge will take you to the previous centuries.

Address: Qüllə, near Maiden Tower (3 min walk from Maiden Tower), Old city , Baku Azerbaijan 

Working hours: Opens 10:00 - Closes 00:00

Phone: +994 12 437 08 18; +994 55 214 94 48

"Old Garden"

Raiting 4.4

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Cuisine: National

Old Garden restaurant in Old city Baku Old garden restaurant

This restaurant, which will leave a lasting impression on its original aura, differs from the modern ones. The interior and exterior, created in the national style, make every visitor feel good. The best choice for relaxation is the Old Garden Restaurant, which is located in a quiet, quiet and cozy place. Here your eyes will rest, your soul will enjoy the colorful and historical colors. We assure you that your choice will not disappoint you!

Address: 22 Qulle street, Azim Azimzade garden, metro st Icheri Sheher, Old city Baku Azerbaijan

Working hours: Opens09:00 - Closes 01:00 

Phone:+99455 345 00 06


Raiting 3.8

Features: Cash only • All you can eat • Breakfast • Cuisine National

Qazmaq restaurant in Old city Baku Qazmaq restaurant interior

The Qazmag restaurant is in the same Manqal restaurant street. That is the old-fashioned house in the Kichik Gala street. Just visit this establishment and you will certainly estimate the antique spirit and the thoroughness of those times amazing building as well. The stone arches, the ethnic dйcor and the welcoming hostess will make just the homelike traditions spirit and where you are always welcome like the honor visitor.

The chamber decor and the cozy interior will certainly just complete your sincere and kind-hearted talks. There you will find the menu, which is rich in the Azerbaijan dishes. Are your friends just getting to know the national dishes of our country? Then, we would like to recommend them to choose the Shirin pilaf. That is the Azerbaijan pilaf with the dry fruits.

The nice place for the romantic dates; That is the great choice for the small banquet; The antique building; The great choice of the wines, cocktails and strong alcohol drinks.

Address:124 Kichik Qala, Old city , Baku Azerbaijan 

Working hours: Opens 9:00 - Closes 12:00

Phone: +99412 505 22 26


Raiting 3.1

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Cuisine Azerbaijani

Karvansaray restaurant in Old city Baku Karvansaray restaurant  Baku

Caravanserai restaurant is located in Icheri Sheher, a historical place that has become a calling card of our capital for foreign guests. Visitors to the restaurant will feel like they are in ancient times in the atmosphere of original design. The most attractive part of the restaurant is its open space.

Address: Baku 1000 Near Maiden Tower (2 min walk from Maiden Tower) Böyük Qala street. 11, Old city , Baku Azerbaijan 

Working hours: Opens 10:00 - Closes 00:00

Phone: +994 50 492 39 39; +994 12 492 66 68; + 994 12 492 78 80

"Qala Divari" 

Raiting: 4.3

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Family Friendly, Street Parking • Serves Breakfast • Takes Reservations • Kids Friendly • Outdoor Seating • Wi Fi • Good For Groups • Take Away • Chill-out • Waiter Service • Late Night Eating • Brunch • Live Music • Cuisine: Azerbaijani, Middle Eastern, Vegeterian friendly • Known for National Azerbaijanian atmosphere

Qala divari restaurant entrance Qala divari restaurant in Old city Baku

If you are wondering where to go and rest and enjoy delicious food then come to this place you can taste Azerbaijani, as well as European and Asian cuisine, as well as various alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It is very comfortable. This restaurant look forward to their guests 24/7.

Additionally, tea can ease up a sore body from a long wandering around old city. There is beautiful atmosphere and live music. Order set breakfast, you are not going to regret it. Prices are reasonable. Smoking is not prohibited, if you are a non smoker they don't have a non smoker area.

Address:28 Kichik Qala, metro st. Icheri sheher, Old city , Baku Azerbaijan 

Working hours: Opens 12:00 - Closes 00:00

Phone: +994 50 555 50 51; +994 51 784 62 63

"Salam Baku"

Raiting 4.0

Features: Casual • Good for kids • Groups • Cuisine: Azerbaijani

Salam Baku restaurant in Old city Baku Salam Baku restaurant interior

In this restaurant you can taste dishes of national cuisine: dolma, hash, kufta, kebab and much more; as well as a variety of European dishes: salads, hot dishes, side dishes, chicken, beef and mutton dishes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We invite everyone to this beautiful and popular ancient restaurant.

Address: Kichik Qala 126 , Old city, Baku, Azerbaijan

Working hours: Opens 08:00 - Closes 23:00 

Phone: +994 50 202 11 66

"Farmer's kitchen Baku" 

Raiting 4.8

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids •Freestyle Chef & Organic Cuisine in the heart of the old city Baku • Comfort Food Restaurant • Healthy Food Restaurant Cuisine

Farmers kitchen restaurant in Old city Baku Farmers kitchen restaurant interior

Using only organic products, sourced from local producers, Farmer’s Kitchen Baku sets the bar high. “Our goal is to allow our guests to experience Azerbaijan’s best produce,” says head chef Tofig Huseynzadeh. The traditional Azerbaijani breakfast, featuring products from at least five different regions, includes cheese, butter, jam, cream, honey, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and olives. The Azerbaijani-style eggs with tomatoes, which every local remembers eating hot off the stove, is prepared in an iron platter called a saj over hot coals. A stone’s throw away from the 13th-century Shirvanshah Palace, this is a great place to get a hearty breakfast before embarking on a tour of the palace.

Address: Kichik Qala 28 , near Palace of The Shirvanshahs( 2 min walk from Palace of The Shirvanshahs), metro st.Icheri sheher, Old city, Baku Azerbaijan

Working hours: Opens 9:00 - Closes 00:00 

Phone: +994 50 226 30 60

"La Marrakesh Restaurant & shisha cafe Baku"

Raiting 4.1

Features: Reservations required • Payment method Cash Card • Shisha available • Recreation • Entertainment • Night life • Street Parking • Takes Reservations • Wi Fi • Good For Groups • Take Away • Waiter Service • Full Bar, • Late Night Eating • Brunch • VIP room • Background Music • Cuisine Azerbaijani, Mediterranean, Moroccan

La Marrakesh restaurant in Baku La Marrakesh restaurant interior

Today in Baku has a range gourmet of eastern cuisine, and surprise them with something new is difficult. However, it managed new-opened restaurant "Marrakesh" with marvelous Moroccan cuisine, the cook of wich does not leave you indifferent. This is a respectable institution invites guests to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and the spicy East. The matchless design and furniture handmade and headset from the distant Damascus create a fantastic sense of a faraway country of Morocco.

Ground floor facilities trimmed in Oriental style with a comfortable home atmosphere. On the first floor, dominated by spruce-east club style, perfectly appropriate fascinate interior, incredibly large monitor showing clips, creating an atmosphere as if you are in a movie theater, separate VIP rooms for special guests. We offer you a wide selection of various varieties of tea, incomparable tasty hookahs, a business lunch.

Address: Jafarov Gardashlari 9, Baku 1000, metro st.Icheri sheher, Old city Baku Azerbaijan

Working hours: Opens 12:00 - Closes 02:00

Phone: +994 50 490 34 34

"Art Club"

Raiting 4.7

Features: Reservations required • Happy hour food • Cuisine: National Azerbaijani

 Art club restaurant in Baku Art club restaurant interior

Art Club Restaurant - Art Gallery invites its guests to the very heart of Baku - Icherisheher. You will find yourself in a house of the 18th century that was carefully restored and decorated by a family of Azerbaijani artists Elmar and Jamil Gashymov.Almost all decor elements are antique products of the 18-19th centuries. Arriving at the Art Club you find yourself in the unforgettable atmosphere of old Baku where you can understand and study culture and life, as well as get acquainted with the fine and decorative art of Azerbaijan.

Here, right in front of you, they will collect the Azerbaijani soup of Dushbara or serve in the royal manner Shah Plov. With us you can try exclusive Qutab with chestnuts, herbs and cheese, Lavangi, liver, meat. We cook sturgeon syrdak according to the old Azerbaijani recipe, and serve Dovga in Kuznetsovsky Farfor.

Here you can see and, if you wish, purchase paintings by Azerbaijani artists, as well as, if you wish, purchase an author's gift created by Azerbaijani practitioners

Address: Asef Zeynally street 9, Old City, Baku, Azerbaijan

Working hours: Opens 12:00 - Closes 00:00

Phone: +994 50 444 20 13

"Agora Club Restaurant & Wine Bar"

Raiting 5.0

Features: Cash only • Late-night food • Breakfast • Cuisine

Agora restaurant in Old city Baku Agora restaurant interior

"Agora Restaurant and Wine Bar is located at the best place of Baku which named Icheri Sheher (Old City). AGORA CLUP RESTAURANT & WINE BAR have been operating in Azerbaijan since 1992. Fresh Mediterranean food is more than just a restaurant concept for them. You can taste all kinds of wines, including local, as well as Italian, French, Australian, Mexican wines. Come to AGORA CLUB BAKU to enjoy the pleasures of fresh healthy Mediterranean food prepared with passion and served with love.They are waiting to welcome you!"

Address:87 Neftchilar Ave • Near Maiden Tower (3 min walk from Maiden Tower) 5 minutes on foot from Icerisheher Metro Station

Working hours: Opens 11:00 - Closes 02:00 

Phone: +994 50 246 72 00; +994 50 763 67 24

"Butter & Brot"

Raiting 3.9  

Features: Casual • Good for kids • Groups • Cuisine: Fast Food

Butter and brot restaurant in Old city Baku Butter brot restaurant interior

This is a modern place compared to the old magical atmosphere of the city. A good place to stop by your friends on a summer day. Pizzas, sandwiches, salads and tea,coffee cool and soft drinks are served here. You can sit on the terrace and drink tea and enjoy a shisha.

Address: Near Palace of The Shirvanshahs (3 min walk from Palace of The Shirvanshahs)Filarmoniya garden (metro station Icheri Sheher)

Working hours: Open 10:00 - Closes 00:00 (only Tuesday 10:00-01:00)

Phone: +994 50 500 01 31

"Qedimi ev"

Raiting 3.0

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Cuisine: National Azerbaijani cuisine, European cuisine

Qedimi ev restaurant in Old city Baku Qedimi ev restaurant interior

Qedimi ev (Old House) is a terraced restaurant located in the center of Baku, near the entrance to the Small Fortress of the inner city-Icherisheher. Delicious national and European cuisine and cozy atmosphere are waiting for you in this restaurant.Kitchen:- National (Azerbaijani)- European cuisine

Address: 10, Kichik Qala, Baku • Near Palace of The Shirvanshahs (3 min walk from Palace of The Shirvanshahs)

Working hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: +994 70 437 27 01

"Sehrli Təndir"

Raiting 4.2

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Cuisine: Azerbaijani • Known for Breakfast • Family Friendly • Street Parking • Breakfast • Kids Friendly • Wi Fi • Good For Groups • Chill-out • Waiter Service • Brunch

Tandir restaurant in Old city Baku Tendir restaurant in Old city Baku

 In this place, beautiful, delicious and simple presentation of the foods of Azerbaijan national cuisine is made. For sure, an ideal place for breakfast. One of the places to be for tourists to feel local mood.

The restaurant confidently states: "We serve our customers with both modern and national dishes. High service, friendly staff, delicious food we add our love to the dishes we prepare in every taste and quality selected food."

Address: Kichik Qala 19, Baku in: In Old City Icherisheher

Working hours: Opens 09:00 - Closes 23:00 

Phone: +99450 403 14 35

"Cızz - Bızz"

Raiting 4.2

Features: National Cuisine

Cizz Bizz restaurant in Old city Baku Jizz bizz restaurant in Old city Baku

One of the best restaurants to visit in Baku. Excellent location in the Old Town is complemented by an excellent terrace, where you could sit and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the old Baku. The food, especially meat, is absolutely delicious! Highly recommend this wonderful restaurant. Restaurant located in the old part of Baku. Surrounded by mosaic tall castle walls and buildings it makes you feel as you traveled into the 12th century. Majority of meals is from Azerbaijani cuisine. 3-story restaurant with a beautifully decorated balcony is a very good place for couples, families and large groups.

Address: 28 Kichik Qala, Baku, Azerbaijan

Working hours: Opens 09:00 - Closes 02:00

Phone: Call +994 50 546 00 55


Raiting 4.4

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Cuisine National Azerbaijani

 Qaynana restaurant in Old city Baku Qaynana restaurant interior 

This is a national cuisine restaurant mostly offering Azerbaijani dishes, known for its outlandishly colourful interior decorations.

Why locals love it? One of the primary advantages of "Qaynana" restaurant is its location - Old City. Thousands of tourists visit Old City daily, and most of them look for tasty national cuisine. "Qaynana" is offering various unique and mainstream local food - kutabs, kebabs, sadj, plov etc. However, the best thing the locals like this place for - is its breakfasts

Why you should visit it? Ambiance and interior of this place make you feel the local culture. Travellers love to take many photos inside the restaurant. Also, the prices are also very good for budget travelers. You can taste all famous local food for good price.

Address: Kichik Qala , Old City, Baku Azerbaijan

Working hours: Opens 08:00 - Closes 23:00 

Phone: +994 70 434 00 13


Raiting 4.1

Features: Family Style Restaurant• Cuisine Uzbek, Europe

Kasa masa restaurant in Old city Baku Kasa masa restaurant interior

It is a family restaurant for tasting Uzbek and European cuisine that admires Azerbaijan's culinary traditions. Unique weather, delicious cuisine and high quality service - they are all waiting for you at Kasamasa restaurant! We invite you to have a great day with the people you love and value!

Address: Kichik Gala street 104 Baku/Azerbaijan 5 minutes on foot from Icerisheher Metro Station (3 min walk from Palace of The Shirvanshahs)

Working hours: Open 09:00 - Closes 01:00 

Phone: Contact: +994 12 505 63 63; +994 50 258 63 63

"Museum İNN" 

Raiting 4.6

Features: Cuisine Mainly traditional national cuisine • Breakfast

Museum Inn restaurant in Old city Baku Museum Inn restaurant terrace 

This restaurant is unique with the multi level terraces, which have the amazing city view panorama.The bottom terrace is decorated in the Middle East style. The entire hookahs gourmets will certainly prefer the medium terrace. The soft and cozy furniture will just help you to relax and receive the great pleasure from the hookah. The entire visitors can find the largest terrace on the upper ground. Here you will be surrounded with roofs of the old houses and it seems to be that you can touch to the Maiden Tower. Nothing is upper you, just the swifts round and round under the ancient building roofs.

Here, you can lead not just the business meeting lunch but have the nice and buzz friends meeting as well. The great projector screen will show you the latest music videos of the music channels and the modern fashion TVnews as well.

The restaurant menu is rich in the various European dishes. Nevertheless, you can find the quiet interesting offers of national dishes as well.

We would like to recommend you to book your weekend or evening table beforehand, especially if you prefer the bottom or medium terraces.

The breakfast from 8.30 till 11; Buffet; The terraces with the panorama city view in the various levels; For your events, they can easy use the projector and the screen as well; There is the hookah.

Address: Gazi Mahammad Street 3, Baku AZ1095 1 min walk from Maiden Tower

Phone: +99412 497 15 22

"Ocaq Art" Cafe

Raiting 4.3

Features: Breakfast and Brunch Restaurant

Ocaq Art Cafe in Old city Baku Ojag Art cafe Baku

Ocaq Art Café invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of your favorite tastes. Here you can have a hearty meal. Catering establishments have not just become an organic part of the life of a modern person. No desire to spend time and energy cooking food? It's okay, choose this restaurant. Delicious food only for their guests!

Address: Kichik Qala str. 30, Old City, Baku/Azerbaijan 2 min walk from Palace of The Shirvanshahs

Working hours: Opens 12:00 - Closes 23:00

Phone: +994 12 505 45 65

"Tatell Baku"

Raiting 4.1

Features: Restaurant of classic Azerbaijani cuisine

Tatell restaurant in Old city Baku Tatell Baku restaurant in Old city

This place will give you the best impressions! Beautiful weather, unique comfort, delicious kitchen, high quality service - all of you are waiting for you at Tatell Baku restaurant! They claim that their ultimate goal is to serve you perfectly!

Address: Icherisheher, Gulle str. 22 (2 min walk from Maiden Tower) ,6 minutes on foot from Icerisheher Metro Station

Working hours: 7/24

Phone: 050 822 33 22; +994 12 505 25 22

"Terrace Garden" 

Raiting 4.3

Features: Cuisine Azerbaijani and Continental cuisine

Terrace garden restaurant in Old city Baku Terrace garden Baku

"Terrace Garden" restaurant is located in SultanInn hotel, on mansard of the building. "Terrace Garden" offers opened summer terrace and covered area as a winter restaurant. The summer terrace is most popular among the guest, not least for its remarkable view of the Caspian Sea, Baku boulevard and a pearl of XII century Azerbaijan architecture – Maiden Tower.

You can visit this establishment in any season you wish and in spite of the weather enjoy the amazing the panorama of Icherishekher roofs like: the Maiden Tower view, the one by one modern building and, of course, we can not forget to say about the 33 shades of the Caspian Sea, which start from the light grey and finish with the bright blue color.

 Instead of the monolith slab, here you will find the crystal glass, which protects the entire visitors from the really strong Baku winds. Moreover, when the weather is good, it transfers into the open air space.

In the dawn, the restaurant sinks into the light and twinkle evening city lights. There is one more benefit in the interior of this establishment. That is the open fire under the glass pyramid. You can watch it non stop,… especially, if you have the great chance to enjoy the light and amazing lounge music background as well.

The restaurant menu contains not just the national dishes but the brightest European dishes a well. The restaurant is quiet popular with its juicy steaks and the various kinds of sauce. Taste the Rossini steak once and our flavor insight let us be sure, you will certainly come back here over and over again. You will find meat in the soybean and honey sauce on the stewed spinach pad. On the top of steak, you will find the foie gras.

We insist you to book the Friday or Saturday table beforehand. The breakfast from 8 till 10.30 a.m; Buffet; There is the great panorama view of the city; The great choice of the foreign wines; The terrace in the open air; The best lounge music.

Address: Baku, 4th ground of the Sultan Inn hotel. (1 min walk from Maiden Tower)

Working hours: Opens 12:00 - Closes 23:00 

Phone: +994 12 437 23 05

"Gabala Old City"

Raiting 4.0

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Non-smoking and non-alcoholic

Qəbələ restaurant in Old city Baku Gabala restaurant in Baku

Gabala Old City Restaurant specializes in national Azerbaijani cuisine. Located in the heart of Old City Baku. This is non-smoking and non-alcoholic family restaurant with national interior and daily national live music that has an atmosphere of old Baku . Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. All products are brought from the village of Gabala. Also in downtown you can taste Gabala Sabat only in this restaurant. From experienced servers to attend your every need, to chefs who obsess providing the best quality food possible, you’ll be in good hands.

Address: In Old City Kichik Gala 88 metro station Icheri sheher, Old city, Baku, Azerbaijan

Working hours:Opens 08:00 - Closes 23:00

Phone: +994 50 228 99 11

"Le Kebab"

Raiting 4.0

Features: Casual • Good for kids • Groups Theme Restaurant • Cuisine: Azerbaijani • MEALS Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Brunch, Drinks • Outdoor Seating • Table Service • Takeout • Reservations • Seating •Street Parking • Television • Serves Alcohol •Full Bar • Digital Payments

Le Kebab restaurant in Old city Baku Le Kebab restaurant interior

 Le Kebab Old City Restaurant is located in the oldest part of Azerbaijan capital-Baku in Inner City. The place since1848 year has kept its history till our days. Le Kebab Restaurant has the wide range menu which includes dishes of all Azerbaijan

Address: 9 Sabir St Near Palace of The Shirvanshahs(3 min walk from Palace of The Shirvanshahs), metro station Icheri sheher, Old city Baku, Azerbaijan

Working Hours:Opens09:00 - Closes 21:00

Phone: +994 55 525 00 74

"Enoteca Meydan"

Raiting 4.7 

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Wine and spirits produced in Azerbaijan. • Local cheeses • Tea and coffee take away.

Enoteca Meydan  Enoteca Meydan in Baku

The best choice of Azeri wine in Baku. Still and sparkling, brandies and distillates, fortified and pomegranate wines. Group/private wine tastings and tours to the Fireland Vineyards - the winery in the outskirts of Baku.

Address:Boyuk Qala, near Maiden Tower (1 min walk from Maiden Tower), metro station Icheri Sheher, Old city, Baku

Working hours: Opens 11:00 - Closes 01:00

Phone:+ 994 12 497 74 14


Raiting 3.9

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids Traditional & National Food European Food • Stake Tea • Coffee • Snacks Drinks • Cocktails • Bar • Wine • Shisha •Live Music

Mehelle restaurant in Old city Baku Mehelle restaurant interior

Astonishing Traditional Cuisine of Azerbaijan & Europe in the heart of Baku, in next to the Maiden Tower. Fantastic view, open terrace and the best food!

Address: Asef Zeynally street 65, near Maiden Tower(1 min walk from Maiden Tower), metro station Icheri Sheher, Old city, Baku, Azerbaijan

Working hours: Opens 12:00- Closes 00:00

Phone: + 99450 803 07 07

"Çay Bağı 145"

Raiting 4.4

Features: Outdoor seating • Cosy • Casual • Cuisines Azerbaijani, Middle Eastern, • Vegeterian friendly • Known for Tea • Family Friendly • Parking, Street Parking, • Breakfast • Takes Reservations • Kids Friendly • Wi Fi •Good For Groups • Chill-out • Lounge • Waiter Service • Late Night Eating • Brunch

Chay bagi - Tea garden  in Old city Baku Chay bagi in Old city Baku

The biggest restaurant in Ichari shahar situated in historical place in front of Maiden Tower (VIII-VIth centuries BC) and above Banu Hamam (XIVth century AD) designed in traditional motives. There is delicious kitchen here, also there is hookah, tea set, you can find here rooms where you can rest with the whole family, and your children will play on Play Station. The terrace with good view in Icharisher waits its guests.

Address: Kichik Qala 3, near Maiden Tower (1 min walk from Maiden Tower), metro Icherisheher, Old city, Baku, Azerbaiajn

Working hours: Opens 12:00 - Closes 00:00 

Phone: +994 50 600 01 45


Raiting 4.2

Features: Cosy • Casual • Good for kids • Cuisine: Azerbaijan National

Zerif restaurant in Old city Baku Zarif restaurant in Old city Baku

This beautiful restaurant, located near the Palace of Shirvanshahs, greets you with the national Azerbaijani cuisine. But there are also dishes of Turkish cuisine here. Even if you are a vegetarian, they can make wonderful dishes for you. Zarif Restaurant is at your service 7/24. Tasty foods, friendly services. İt is considered tone of the best places to eat in Inner city in Baku. It's all about the world of unforgettable Azerbaijani delicacies! As long as the weather is suitable for relaxing in the spacious and fresh garden of Zarif restaurant, hurry to use it!

Address: Kichik Qala, near Palace of The Shirvanshahs(3 min walk from Palace of The Shirvanshahs), metro station Icherisheher, Old city, Baku Azerbaijan

Working hours: Opens12:00 - Closes 00:00 

Phone: +994 50 707 00 50