Where to stay in Azerbaijan?

Where to stay in Azerbaijan?

Everybody who plans a short travel to foreign country, looks for a place that suits their budget and choose one of these accommodation options such hotel, hostel, pension, villa, guesthouse and so on.

 Azerbaijan is such a country that all these options are available. But hotels and guesthouses are most preferred by foreign tourist when we observe the capital and regions in general. But what are the features of accommodation in a hotel or guest house in this country? Which hotels and guest houses are preferred in which regions of Azerbaijan? Р ”Р’°n this topic we will provide that you can easily find the answer to this question by browsing the information about these accommodation options in Azerbaijan.

Staying at a hotel in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has been progressing quite a lot in the field of tourism in recent years, and this causes the opening of beautiful and modern hotels.There are many good hotels in Baku, the capital, and even in in regions outside the capital city

Hotels in Baku 

The capital city of Baku is the heart of Azerbaijan and therefore the city that hosts the most tourists.Baku is one of the most popular and hosting the most tourists of Azerbaijan. Since the touristic areas of the city are must-see and close to each other, accommodation options are also concentrated in a few regions in general.
Here we divide those regions into the following categories. Choose whatever you prefer!

  • The one of the regions where the historical texture in many cities is concentrated is called Old City. If you want to take a tour of the city's past and traditional direction and prefer to be close to this region, Old City (Icherisheher) region may be the right choice for you.

  •  If it is a priority for you to be in a lively and close shopping area of the city, we recommend you to choose Nizami Street.

  • If a quiet area for you, where to stay in Baku? If the answer to the question is, you can choose the Flag square region which is a bit outside the city and away from the noise.

Last but not least...For those who want some Baku hotel recommends, we have listed some hotels for you that tourists mostly stay in this city. You can get more comprehensive information about hotels by clicking on their names.

Here Baku Hotel Recommendations from 3 star to 5 star

  • Sahil Hostel & Hotel
  • Baku Palace Hotel 3*
  • Park Inn By Radisson 4*
  • Winter Park Hotel 4*
  • Fairmont Baku, Flame Towers 5*
  •  Hilton Baku 5*
  • Intourist Hotel Baku 5*
  • Four Seasons Hotel Baku 5 *
  • JW Marriott Absheron Baku Hotel 5 *
  • Boulevard Hotel Baku 5 *
  • Ramada Hotel Baku 5 *
  • Sapphire Marine Hotel Baku 5 *
  • Excelsior Hotel Baku 5 *
  • Grand Hotel Europe Baku 5 

Hotels in the districts outside Baku 

Of course, Azerbaijan is not consists only Baku city. The hotels in these regions are not behind the hotel comforts in Baku. Modern and comfortable hotels here will meet your accommodation needs with the best.

We have listed the most traveled regions of Azerbaijan and their most preferred hotels below for you:

Gabala, Guba, Gusar, Shamakhi, Sheki, Р ”Р’°smayilli, Zagatala, Gakh, Oguz are the regions that are preferred by those who want to see the beautiful mountainous and forested places of Azerbaijan with its unique nature and experience a real and natural village life.

In Gabala The number of hotel villas and apartments where you can stay in Gabala is close to 200. But Qafqaz hotels chain is the most preferred. Qafqaz Karvansaray Hotel; Qafqaz Yeddi Gozel Hotel, Qafqaz Sport Hotel; Qafqaz Riverside Hotel; Qafqaz Tufandag Mountain Resort Hotel

In Guba: Guba Palace hotel; Shane otel; Cennet bagi hotel; Guba Ugur hotel; Shahdag hotel; Macara village resort are most preferred hotels here.

In Gusar: Hello Qusar Hotel, Azpetrol Hotel, Shahdag 444 Hotel, Hotel Umud, Selena Hotel, Ladera Resort Qusar are most preferred hotels here.

In Shahdag, which is the most popular place for tourists to enjoy snow and skiing during the winter season, these hotels continue their popularity: Pik Palace Shahdag Autograph Collection; Shahdag Hotel & Spa; Zirve Hotel.

In Shamakhi Shirvan Hotel & SPA; Sakit Gol - Silent Lake Hotel ; Shamakhi Palace, Sharadil hotel.

In Sheki: Sheki Park Hotel, Sheki Saray Hotel, Issam Hotel & Spa , Sheki Palace Hotel, Yaffle Inn Shaki Boutique Hotel, Villa Boutique Inn Hotel, MinAli Boutique Hotel

In Ismayilli: Ismayilli Resort Hotel, Cennet Mekan , Hotel Evim

In Zagatala: Zagatala Hotel, Grata Hotel , Evim Hotel

In Gakh: Bergs Otel And Restaurant , Sangar Qala Resort, El Resort Hotel , Hotel QР ™РІ„Сћdim Qafqaz, Alp Hotel 

 In Oguz: LT Hotel Oguz, Panorama Hotel Oghuz

And for those who come to Azerbaijan for therapeutic recreation;

In Naftalan: Health-tourism centers of Naftalan: Chinar Hotel & SPA Naftalan; Naftalan Qashalti Hotel; Naftalan Treatment and Health Center; “Miracle Naftalan” Health Center; Recreation center; “Sehrli Naftalan”; Garabagh Spa&Resort; “Kepez” Sanatorium; Recreation center “Gozel Naftalan

In Nakhchivan: In Nakhchivan is preferred in order to get treatment in Duzdag treatment center. Hotel Nakhchivan, Grand Nakhchivan Hotel, Tebriz Hotel Nakhchivan are most preferred hotels for accommodation.

In Masalli: We recommend you staying in the cottages near the Istisu Recreation Center.

Staying at a guesthouse in Azerbaijan

Hotel is the first option that comes to mind when we think about accommodation. But the guest house also has its own features. You basically rent a house where you have a lot of space and nobody that’ll take a closer look at the steps you’re doing. You are not bond to breakfast hours and you’ll need to prepare (breakfast, etc) by yourself. You can pay extra to get cleaned after you leave or you can do it by yourself. 

Guesthouses in Baku 

Guest houses are common as well as hotels in Baku. Prices for 1 night starting about 10 AZN to 300 AZN. The one-night price of guest houses that are located close to the city center is more expensive than the others. Here are the most preferred guest houses in Baku

  • ANAS Guesthouse
  • Royal Sky Guest house
  • Old Town Guest house
  • Old Baku Guesthouse
  • Cinnamon Guest house
  • Khazar Guest House In Old City
  • Damla Guest House
  • Olimpik Guest House
  • Yugra Guest House
  • Guest House On Bunyad Sardarov
  • Guest House on Hasan Seyidbeyli 31
  • Apartment On Vip Mado
  • Guest House Tikhiy Dvorik
  • My_Family_Travel Guest House
  • Ramiani
  • Majid Guest House At Main Nizami Street
  • Orkhan'S Guest House
  • 2 Bdr Luxury Apartment Next To Port Baku
  • Seahouse
  • Guest House Amir
  • 21St Century Guest House

 Guesthouses in the districts outside Baku

 Especially in some mountainous regions of Azerbaijan, guesthouses are preferred over hotels. Because all the necessities to ensure a comfortable stay here available such as kitchen, telephone, internet services. Some also offer breakfast. Even it's allowed to check into with pets, mini-market on site, parking lot. These are the following:

 Lastly and end our article we would like to suggest you that

- If you are very fond of your comfort, if you want special attention, want the service to you like cleaning, food and so on, and thinking that " it will be enough for me to see the bests in that place" then choose to stay in the hotel.

- But if you want to feel the home comfort, silence and spend time only with your relatives, family and etc. So iy you want to get the experience more personal than a hotel then you choose to stay at guesthouse