Bakikhanov bazaar

Bakikhanov bazaar


Bakikhanov - with the old name as Razin is a covered shopping place located near the living space. The place includes: shops selling clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, stationery, small household items, kitchenware, chandeliers, fabrics. In the other compartment, there is a food market which sells fruits, vegetables, meat and dried fruits.One of the things you will see a lot in the place is tailor workshops.

When you walk out of the indoor space, you will see four road splitters, and a lot of bus are passing which can take you from here to the any subway. If you look around, you will see electronic goods shops, large two-storey commercial center, cosmetics shops, even a gym.

The Tourist Advice!

We suggest you to visit Bakikhanov bazaar if you want to buy something especially textile, stationary products cheaper than in the city!


Baku city, Bakikhanov (Razin) settlement

Work hours:

10 AM - 05 PM

How to get there:

  1. By the bus: (numbers 208, 209, 57).
  2. By the metro: Neftchilar m/s
  3. By the taxi: from Torgovy (Nizami street) – ‘’+ -“ 8 AZN

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