Naftalan Sanatorium

Naftalan Sanatorium

Naftalan city

Naftalan city is located 330 km west of Baku, in the foothills of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. Its located at an altitude of 225 m above sea level. The spring is warm, the winter is soft here. The average annual temperature is +14.8 degrees. The wind in Naftalan is mainly monsoon. The citys territory is 35.73 km2. The city of Naftalan consists of a city and two villages.

Naftalan oil

History of Naftalan oil

Medical oil called Naftalan (Naphthalene ) is produced in the city. The qualities of Naftalan oil has been known since early times;

Modern use of the oil has dated to the 1870s under Czarist Russia.

In 1887, a German engineer named Yeger began to produce Naftalan ointment in Germany and exported it to a number of countries around the world. During the Russo-Japanese War, Japanese soldiers had small containers containing Naftalan ointment in their bags. On these vessels was a short but very encouraging inscription: "Whoever has this ointment, let him not be afraid of any wound."

Naftalan has the only museum in the world. The exhibits of this museum are discarded crutches. Patients left those crutches here as they recovered.

First well is drilled in 1890 and built a small factory to process it. There lubricant oil has produced . After the First World War the factory stopped functioning and was destroyed.

In 1904, during the Russo-Japanese War, the Japanese used this oil as a first medical aid. During the Great Patriotic War, it was used to treat wounds.

By 1912, a German joint-stock company was founded to export and trade the oil, which was used as a treatment in the Russo-Japanese War.

In 2010s, the number of hotels increased in the city after Azerbaijani governments tourism policy

Healing properties of Naftalan oil 

The Naftalan oil is has healing properties;

It has been reputed for healing more than 70 diseases related to  bones, skins,  joints

Particularly, it has been used as an effective treatment of  rheumatism, musculoskeletal system, urological, gynecological diseases. 

Naftalan Sanatorium

The base of Naftalan city is Sanatorium - Resort infrastructure. Naftalan Resort has been operating since 1933. 

 Naftalan Sanatorium Association was established in 1982 on the basis of the resort, the number of beds of which is growing year by year. At that time, the resort community, consisting of 6 sanatoriums and resort polyclinics, had 3,200 beds. The resort association received 50,000-70,000 patients a year from the republics of the former Soviet Union.

As a result of the collapse of the USSR and Armenia's military aggression against Azerbaijan, the number of visitors to the resort began to decline sharply in 1991. Thankfully the period of tension is over. In 2010s, the number of hotels increased in the city after Azerbaijani governments tourism policy

Now the area is home to petroleum spas (or "oil spas"), once popular vacation spots of the Soviet Union that are making a return in popularity. The number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Naftalan, which has a capacity of about 2200 tourists a day, has increased by 5-6 times in 2016 and counted 30,000

Health-tourism centers in Naftalan:
• Chinar Hotel & SPA Naftalan
• Naftalan Qashalti Hotel
• Naftalan Treatment and Health Center
• “Miracle Naftalan” Health Center
• Recreation center “Sehirli Naftalan”
• Garabagh SPA&Resort
• “Kepez” Sanatorium
• Recreation center “Gozel Naftalan

Naftalan therapy

Naftalan therapy duration - up to 20 days. During this time, patients may take 10-15 sessions baths with mandatory breaks , under the supervision of specialist doctors.
Naphthalan bath lasts 8 - 10 minutes. The patient is placed in a bath filled naphthalan oil preheated to a temperature of 37 - 38 ° C. Oil penetrates through the pores in the blood and further with sweaty goes back secretions . This, together with sweaty secretions out all harmful to the body. After this, the patient should wash oil in the shower and go to bed , because the process of oil output with harmful substances will continue in addition to baths.
Naphthalan lubrication assigned to a specific area of the body , depending on the disease. Part of the body is smeared with naphthalane pre -heated and heated in a lamp solljuks with a distance of 75 - 100 cm, length 10 - 20 minutes. The course of treatment 15 - 20 procedures.

The procedures used in spas Naftalan :
- Naftalan baths
- Iodine -bromine baths
- Naftalan applications
- Naftalan tampons
- Paraffin
- Hand massage
- Vibromassage
- Exercising
- Underwater traction
- Physiotherapy

The Tourist Advise!

We suggest you go to Naftalan and take advantage of the miraculous Naftalan oil.

How to get there:

Buses run daily from the Baku International Bus Terminal to Naftalan. Bus ticket price + - 7 AZN

At the same time, it is possible to get to Naftalan by rail from Baku and Ganja to Goran station, and from there by minibus or taxi for 18 km.

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