Shahdag Mountain Resort

Shahdag Mountain Resort


You came to Azerbaijan in winter and don't know where to go? Well, in that case Shahdag Winter Complex is perfect place for you. It's one of the first and the biggest ski resorts in Azerbaijan. Resort's current skiiable area is 16.8 km square. There are 12 lifts which will take you to the top of hills , from where you can skii down using 14 slopes. There are also, hotels and restaurants where you can rest. Besides winter, there are summer activities too, such as: paint ball, nordic walking& trekkings , mountain segway and etc.

The Tourist Advice!

If it's the first time you try skiing, we advise you to visit licensed ski schools located there , in order to know how to ski properly and safely.


Qusar region , Shahdag Mountain

How to get there:

1.By taxi +- 40 AZN

You can also join our Tours , where the Shahdag Winter Complex is also included