Coronavirus will end on this date.

Coronavirus will end on this date.

"The coronavirus will end on this date!" How accurate would it be to believe this news? While the treatment of this virus has not been found yet.

Three estimates are put forward;

1. It is among the rumors that the virus will continue until the end of this year.

Coronavirus COVID19 processes during 2020

Although the virus started in 2019, it has its highest peak this year - 2020. Therefore, 2020 continues to be a good year in people's minds. Some people are hoping that virus will end at the end of this year, this December, or the beginning of 2021.

2. According to the statements of the 2nd World Health Organization, it was stated that it may take 4-5 years to control the virus.

The WHO (World Health Organization) statement

The critical statement came from the World Health Organization (WHO). Speaking at a press conference organized by WHO via video conferencing, WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan said it may take 4-5 years to take control of the coronavirus.

3. Dr. Ryan claims: "Virus may not leave us ever"

Doctor Michael Ryan's speekings about coronavirus COVID19

At the same time, stating that the virus can be persistent like HIV, "This virus can remain endemic in our societies," said Ryan. “HIV did not go, we understood the virus, we found the treatments and methods of prevention. People are not afraid of this disease as much as before, and we offer people with HIV a long and healthy life. ”

"We offer people with HIV a long and healthy life, but I don't compare these two diseases. I think it's important to be realistic and I don't think anyone can predict when this disease (Covid-19) will disappear or not." found

Underlining that Covid-19 should be "significantly" under control to reduce the current risk assessment, Ryan noted that their greatest hope for the virus is to have a "very effective" vaccine that the world can benefit equally.

COVID19 vaccine

The only thing certain is that vaccination and treatment studies are continuing in the corona virus, which is infected by more than 5 million people worldwide, and the date when the virus will end continues to be on the agenda.

We, the people, hopefully look forward to the news that there will be the "Coronavirus overturned at any exact date" news headline.

You can look at the Covid 19 case counts by countries from this link: