COP 29 Baku Accommodations-What to expect?

COP 29 Baku Accommodations-What to expect?

COP 29 Baku Accommodation

Azerbaijan will be hosting almost the biggest events of the world in 2024. The COP29, which is supposed to be hold from 11 to 22 November 2024, is putting extra pressure on the tourism and hospitality sector of the country.


Here, on this article, we are not going to talk about the COP 29 itself, but what the attendances should expect regarding to accommodation and transport services.


The pervious event, COP 28 was held in Dubai, UAE, with more than 70,000 delegations around the world. Azerbaijan is also expecting the more-less the same number of visitors to attend to the biggest ever event for the country. As a result, in order to make it everything smooth and to give priorities to government delegations across the world, the government of Azerbaijan has already asked all the hotels to freeze all activities for November 2024.

Formula 1 Baku Grand Prix, which is one of the biggest, is usually makes all the hotels to be full. If we also consider that COP 29 Baku will be even a bigger event, we expect it to be more challenging for all to find the perfect accommodation

According to journalist research, during COP 22, Although the government set a price range for the hotels in Sharm Al Sheikh and some people even made the reservations long time ago, they faced with the problem of mandatory extra payments during the check in times.


However, in June 2024, the government will let some of the hotels to make the sales.



In order to avoid unexpected problems, we highly recommend you to book your accommodation and transportation booking in advance. Although the main hotels are currently blocked by the government of Azerbaijan, in June 2024, the government will be releasing some of the hotels. As one of the main companies in Azerbaijan, we are in the process of COP 29 and in connection with main hotels of Baku daily.


If you are still looking for your travel services for your COP29 visit to Baku, we recommend you to send us an email or a message on WhatsApp with all the details: Number of people attending, number of rooms required and requirements for vehicle- e.g. average economy cars or high class cars with English speaking drivers.


Here, we will also be having a full support service from our central office. All clients who will have extra questions or support in terms of from restaurants booking or any other activities,