Lahij (Lahich) village Ismayilli

Lahij (Lahich) village Ismayilli


Lahij (or Lahich) is a village in Ismayilli which is 3 hours' ride away from Baku. It is situated on the canyon of Girdimanchai, 1200+ meters above the sea level. Lahij was built in 5th century B.C. Village has been recognized as a museum-sanctuary and preserved since 1980. Lahij village is known for its craftsmanship of blacksmithing, pottery and other fields. There are variety of ancient buildings that have been protected over years. Lahij is also known for its long-living population as they have very health lifestyle. It is considered as one of the most interesting tourist destinations on the Great Silk Road. Every year over 10.000 tourists visit Lahic.

The Tourist Advice!

We advise you to visit stores of local craftsmen , where you can find unique hand-made items from iron and copper, adorned with carving in the form of oriental ornaments, knitted and weaved goods, wood and leather ware, souvenir knives and so on. It is also thought that famous "Monomakh's Cap" , crown weared by Russians Tsars over centuries, has been produced in Lahic. We also strongly suggest you to visit different ancient monuments such as: Girdiman castle , Haji Pasha House and etc.


Ismayilli region, Lahij

How to get there:

  1. By the taxi: ‘’+ -“ 40 AZN

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