Mud Bath Treatment Azerbaijan

Mud Bath Treatment Azerbaijan

The health benefits of mud

Like the lungs, the skin needs to breathe. The city's dusty air causes the skin to be deprived of oxygen and to age faster. A mud bath helps to open clogged pores in your body and absorb the minerals your skin needs.

Mud can have different and varied compositions. For example, mud containing radioactive elements and sulfur helps to relieve rheumatism, skin diseases, liver and spleen problems. It is also said to have benefits for the stomach and digestive system.

Some mud baths contain volcanic ash and various minerals. In some languages, "moor" mud baths contain various vitamins and natural antibiotics.

The mud heals mild pain, speeds up blood circulation, relaxes muscles, cleanses the skin of dust and keeps it clean.

Mud renews the cell. As an antioxidant that increases collagen production, it does not cause skin aging.

Thickener: It also has a thickening effect because it removes dead cells and impurities from the skin.

It is able to relieve muscle and bone problems caused by fatigue, stress and some diseases. It also strengthens the immune system. Mud baths are an ideal tool to reduce stress. Therefore, it is very useful for athletes.

Recommendations... Aftercare the mud bath

It is recommended to take a cool shower after taking a mud bath.

After the mud bath, small traces of mud remain, especially behind the ears and on the scalp. Do not forget to clean them.

After taking a mud bath, the quality of sleep increases even more.

Do not use soap after a mud bath. The herbal ingredients in the mud are of natural cleansing and healing value.

Mud does not harm the bath. Because water-soluble mud does not leave stains and does not clog pipes.

Mud bath has no side effects on the hair.

Where to take mud baths in Azerbaijan?

Mud volcanoes are places where natural mud baths appear on the earth. Mud volcanoes in the world are more limited than igneous volcanoes.
344 of more than 2,000 mud volcanoes known worldwide are located in Azerbaijan, especially in the Southeast Caucasus.

Manifestations of mud volcanoes are widespread in the Caspian-Guba, Shamakhi-Gobustan, Kuryany, Absheron regions, Baku archipelago and between the Kura and Gabirri rivers.

Most of the mud volcanoes are common in Baku and Absheron Peninsula, and some of them were created as natural monuments. Azerbaijan can definitely be called the country of mud volcanoes and these volcanoes are our national and natural wealth.

The most suitable place is mud volcanoes in Gobustan!

Yes, we know the right Gobustan as a museum that is a valuable historical heritage where most of us first set foot. But these mud volcanoes, which are the wonders of nature, are alsolocated on the land, which is at a little distance from the museum. Tourists who go to visit the Gobustan museum also visit there to see the volcanoes.

When summer comes and the weather gets warmer, to have mud baths with beer and light snacks is the favorite activity of tourists. There is a lake with salty water near the volcanoes. After mud bath they swim and clean in that lake.

The Tourist Advice!

We strongly recommend you to visit Gobustan. We are sure that:
-The lands where the first people set foot - seeing the Gobustan museum will excite you,
-Erupting but cold mud volcanoes will amaze you,
-Having a miraculous mud bath will beautify your skin and help your diseases...

You can also join our Mud bath, snack and beer included Gobustan museum Group Tour where you can visit the museum and enjoy the fun of mud.
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