Public Transport in Baku

Public Transport in Baku


Using the public transportation system can be a great way for a traveler who want to travel in a foreign city without guide and save some money. It is also good way to learn about the local people and the place closely.

Public transport system in Baku includes the metro, buses and taxis. Metro & bus services are extremely cheap in Baku when you compare to other countries.

..So how much does it cost to travel by local transport? Which buses are more comfortable? What are the differences from each other?

Let's take a look them one by one


The capital city Baku is the only city in Azerbaijan with a metro service. Stations, trains and facilities are clean and safe, with trains running every two to three minutes. Metro service operates between 06:00 and 00:00 Hrs. Fares are cheap and independent from the length of the journey. The stations were built by Soviet designers and are most noted for their design and architecture. There are two lines, the Red Line, which goes from Icherisheher station to Hazi Aslanov st. , and the Green Line, which runs from Khatai to Darnagul. The two main metro lines meet near Baku’s central railway station, at the double station of Jafar Jabbarly/28th May. The entrance is trough Jafar Jabbarly. All the stations are underground except Bakmil. It costs 30 qapik to enter the metro. To use the metro you should buy a BakiKart (The price of BakiKart is just 2 manats) card and charge it with as many trips as you wish. BakiKart is required even if you want to do a single trip.


BakuBus is a company in the capital of Azerbaijan providing Baku city with an upgraded bus network. BakuBus LLC was founded on April 3, 2014 to provide passenger transport services in Baku city. These buses use Baki Kart (Baku card) only and do not take cash.Inside these buses are clean, large and air conditioned. There are information monitor and video surveillance system too.

Baku eco-friendly buses This electric bus is beneficial, both in terms of minimizing the negative impact on the environment and in terms of energy consumption savings. The new electric buses, designed to carry 83 passengers, are equipped with 26 seats, air conditioning, information monitor and video surveillance system.

Purple buses with EURO 6 standard These 12-meter three-door buses meet the EURO 6 emission standard. Buses are equipped with all necessary conditions for the convenience of passengers, including USB ports, ramps and cooling-heating systems, and meet all environmental standards

White buses with Euro 5 standart These buses fully meet the requirements of the Baku Transport Agency’s regulatory documents. New buses, which also meet the Euro-5 standard, will improve the quality of passenger service.

Other buses are suitable for boarding without card. The fee is 30 qapik. (0.30 AZN) The bus fare must be paid in cash. You should say in advance where you want him to stop. The fee is paid while getting off the bus.


BakiKart is a single Smart Card for payment on Baku Metro and BakuBus. From August 2015, Baku has started phasing in a prepaid card system called the BakiKart, which can be purchased at metro stations and at certain bus stops. There are two types of cards; a plastic one costing 2 manats plus credit that can be reused, and a disposable paper one allowing up to four credits. (4 rides will cost 1.2 AZN + 0.3 ANZ card fee). One way trip within the city costs 0.30 manat or 30 qР ™РІ„Сћpik, and it can increase on a long distance. It is available to purchase at metro stations and at certain bus stops. “BakiKart” is useful for payment at underground metro and BakuBus. BakiKart can be purchase from the vending machines convinently located at metro stations and many bus stops. When purchasing BakР ”Р’±Kart from vending machine there are two options; BakР ”Р’±Kart and BakР ”Р’±Kart for limited use. BakiKart costs 2 AZN while BakiKart for limited use costs 0.3 ANZ. For BakiKart the transaction is straight forward, just insert the exact amount and get the card. In case of BakiKart for limited use you have to select the number of rides you want up to maximum 4 rides and insert the exact amount. Limited use card is valid for 45 days from the first use. In both the cases you have to insert the exact amount in the vending machine. The machine doesn’t give change. Card itself is nonrefundable but excess fund in the card can be refunded at metro station.


One card can be used by many persons Bakucard Baku Card is the official city card of the capital Baku. It includes free public transport (including airport express line), entry tickets for selected city museums and attractions, plus discounts and special offers at shops, cafes, restaurants and much more. The card comes in three different types – 24 hours, 72 hours and 7 days, and includes free public transport across the city, as well as free entry or discounts at selected museums and attractions, plus a range of discounts and special offers at many shops, cafés and restaurants. The cards are sold at Heydar Aliyev International Airport, tourist information points, major hotels and tourist agencies around the city, and automatically activate the first time you use them.

Taxi services

Nothing can be quite as convenient as paying for a taxi to pick you up and drop you off exactly where you want and when you want. 
There are many ways to order a taxi
If you can speak Azerbaijani or Russian You can order a taxi via phone to some local taxi companies as 189, *9933 and etc.
Here another group of taxis are also operating which are not metered. They are available everywhere along the street side. You have to negotiate the price before boarding the taxi. Due to language barrier this is not a good option and chances are you will be overcharged. 
Р ”Р’°if you cannot speak Azerbaijani or Russian then there are many app based taxi services available. You can check Uber, Bolt, Omega Taxi and so on mobile riding apps. They are working like a charm, you know the price before boarding the taxi and you don’t have to explain the location to the driver. Compared to other places taxi fare in Baku is reasonable.

Click this link for more detailed information about taxi services in Baku

The Tourist Advice!

Feel free to use public transport while traveling in Baku city!