Surakhani Ship Museum

Surakhani Ship Museum

Surakhani ship museum

As an adventurous mommy of 2 kids, I will share a blog about our fun activities once a week from now on. You can track “Baku with kids” section of this website if you are interested in.

By being the world’s first tanker museum, it provides lots of fun to enjoy for every age groups and answers to never-ending kids’ questions. This museum is extraordinary in the sense that it involves not only historical facts, but also hands-on experiences, games and so many activities to teach kids while entertaining them. In this article, I am trying to highlight the most exciting points about this museum.

First, you enter a dark hall with very realistic sound effects to feel the real danger of cold waters. Of course, here you watch safety instructions given by simulated captain, see special clothes worn historically and now by sailors and learn about rescue systems.

 inside surakhani ship museum

Next hall, called “Raise the anchor” clarifies your view about well-known symbol of ships, the anchor. You have the opportunity to see the real chain of this ship, anchor examples and read about nautical knots. There is also a gaming monitor which teaches how to dock the ship and race with other teams.

“Spirit of the Caspian” section has very interesting exhibition providing sequential historical information and also a very magnificent 360-degree screen. Even if you do not understand the Azeri language, video effects covering a circle hall will capture your mind, make you excited.

A very big hall of this museum is dedicated to communication channels of the sailors and navigation systems. Here you have the opportunity to learn about Morse alphabet and write your message via a consol. A very rich exhibition hall contains all sorts of compasses, historical navigation tools, also modern radar systems.

Lastly, engine working system of the ship is explained by the guide and you can wear Virtual Reality headset to see how crew members worked in the demonstrated engine rooms.

The museum also has a very unique and luxury restaurant where you can have your relaxation coffee after your tour.

 Surakhani Ship Museum Restaurant

About the Surakhani Ship Museum

The tanker surakhani lunched for the first time in the Caspian sea in 1957. Until recently, the tanker Surakhany was used as an oil refinery station of the ASCO. In 2017, it was decided to turn the vessel into a museum. 

If you are planning to make a visit to Surakhani Ship Museum, you can either buy the ticket at the cashier located next to it, or you can get your ticket online before our visit.


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