Bozbash - meat stew (also described as a soup) Recipe from Azerbaijani cuisine

Bozbash -  meat stew (also described as a soup) Recipe from Azerbaijani cuisine

Bozbash is the most popular meat dish of Azerbaijani cuisine. So delicious! You should definitely cook it in your own kitchen! Here we present the recipe;

  • Mutton(1 kg brisket)
  • Bulb onions(2-3 pieces)
  • Refined vegetable oil(2 tbsp. L.)
  • A tomato(4 things.)
  • Potatoes(4-5 pieces)
  • Dried fruits(250-300 g)
  • Green beans(250-300 g)
  • Cilantro(taste)
  • Parsley(taste)
  • Food salt(taste)
  • Ground black pepper(taste)
  • Blackcurrant Juice(1 tbsp. L.)
  • Zucchini(2 pcs.)
Cooking steps:

Boil a piece of lamb so that it is only half cooked. It is best to use soft brisket, but you can also use another part of lamb. Leave the broth: it is still useful to us.

Boiled meat cut into large chunks. 

After heating the pan with a thick bottom together with vegetable oil, add pieces of meat to it so that they do not touch each other. Fry lamb until golden brown on both sides. It is best to fry the meat in portions, because the pieces are quite large. (Would you like to make this dish together?  Join our Cooking Masterclasses to learn and taste the national cuisine of Azerbaijan!)

Onion clean and cut into rings. Fry the onions in a pan, in which meat was previously cooked. It is not necessary to add oil: it allocated enough fat for cooking. As soon as the onions take on a clear golden hue, add all the lamb to it and mix the ingredients.

Tomatoes are washed and lowered for 1-2 minutes in boiling water. Remove vegetables from the skin, chop and add to the pan with meat and onions. If there are no ripe and tasty tomatoes, then you can use ready-made tomato paste.

In bozbash always add the ingredient that will be responsible for the acid of the dish. For this purpose, you can use plums, quince or green apple. You can also add currant juice to the pan, as in our case.

In the broth, in which a piece of meat was cooked, add the peeled and sliced РІР‚‹вЂвЂ№potatoes in half, put the pan on the fire.

We defrost the string beans and ship them to the potatoes, add the courgette sliced РІР‚‹вЂвЂ№into half rings.

Existing dried fruits are soaked in advance, and then shipped to boiling broth.

Add the contents of the pan to the broth and mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Cover the pan with a lid, reduce the heat and simmer the bozbash for 40 minutes until cooked. Salt and pepper the dish to taste.

The dish is served hot with fresh herbs, sour cream and spicy croutons. Azeri mutton bozbash soup is ready.

Nush olsun! Bon appetite!