Demirchi Village Shamakhi

Demirchi Village Shamakhi


Welcome to the Demirchi Village that is stiuated in Shamakhi. It takes its name ("demirchi" is blacksmith in azerbaijani) after the blacksmith families that moved to this place many years ago. This settlement is located 1500-1600 meters above the sea level. This village is famous for its craftsmanship, especially (as you can understand from its name) in blacksmithing sphere. There are some blacksmiths from whom you can buy different souvenirs and even some unique items; sword as an example, Besides blacksmithing village is also known for its carpet weaving. In Medieval period, this site was near the Great Silk Road, so a lot of nearby passers stopped here to rest. Azerbaijani government pays special attention to this place, as a result, the number of tourists increases day by day.

The Tourist Advice!

We strongly recommend you to visit necropolis that covers three hectare area on the territory named Gadali table , 4 kilometers away from the village. A lot of archeological things such as: box graves, underground storehouses, fortress walls and etc. were found in this site. In Demirchi village, there are also museum and exhibitions which can help you learn more about the history of village. Also, we advise you to visit local souvenir and craftsmanship stores where you can find items exclusive to that place such as qeymekesh - traditional hand-held meat grinder, that is still being used by many, as it makes product more juicy.


Shamakhi region , Demirchi village

How to get there:

  1. By the taxi: ‘’+ -“ 40 AZN

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