Mardakan Beach

Mardakan Beach


Welcome to our public Mardakan beach! There you'll enjoy the clear sand, blue sea, clear air - everything a human nature needs, but for free! Not far from the sea there are Cafes, where you can eat right next to the sea, and not expensive! Isn't it a real chill? There is the "Dalga" beach next to the free public beach. This is pretty expensive, but is a very luxury place. But this is our another post!

The Tourist Advice!

We suggest you to visit our free public beaches to enjoy the nature for free!




Baku city, Bilgah District

How to get there:

  1. By the bus: (numbers 341, ).
  2. By the taxi: from Torgovy (Nizami street) – ‘’+ -“ 10 AZN

You can also join our City Tours, where the Mardakan beach is also included