Masalli Istisu Sanatoruim

Masalli Istisu Sanatoruim

Masalli region

Masalli (Masally) is very beautiful region located in Lankaran lowland and the south of Azerbaijan. Therefore, the summer is mild and dry in summer. In winter, the temperatures are moderate and dry. This district is surrounded by Talish Mountains in the west and the Caspian Sea in the east. Masalli is 236 km away from Baku (about 2.5 hours). However, it has such a beautiful nature that there is no need to hesitate about the distance of the road to get there.

Health benefit of Istisu thermal water

The district is famous for its thermal spring “Istisu”, which means “hot water” in Azerbaijani language. The thermal spring comes out in different parts of Vilashchay and it mixes with the water of the river. As a result, the water of the river becomes warmer in those parts.

This water contains hydrogen sulphite, sodium chlorite, magnesium, hydrocarbonate and 30 milligrams of iodine in 1 litre. This water is extracted from 90-250 km depth of the earth at temperature more than 60 degrees. This solution can cure diseases without medication. Since ancient times, local residents use this water as a cure.

One scientist named Mirkazim Aslanli SarР ™РІ„Сћng has proven scientific evidence that the hot water which come out from Dambalov mountain can be treat these diseases:

rheumatism and its complications (arthritis, polyarthritis, joint pains, arthrosis); skin diseases (psariosis, dermatitis, neurodermatitis, fungus, eczema); diseases of kidney and urinary tract (pielitis, uretritis, pielonefritis, pielocystitis); radiculitis; prostate; hypertension; diseases of liver and bile duct; female diseases (metritis, endometritis, erosion of the neck of uterus, herbicide, colpitis); female and male childlessness; gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, esofogitis, colitis, intestinal defecation); traumatic injuries.

Masalli Istisu Sanatorium

Istisu sanatoruium also called Fatimeyi Zahra Healing Center is located 13 kilometers from Masalli city, 1650 meters above sea level, on the slope of the Dembalov Mountain, on the banks of the river Vilesh. As you look at from Yardimli road, the Istisu healing center on the opposite side of the mountain resembles a compact, modern camp.

Istisu Fatimeyi-Zahra Healing Sanatorium has been officially licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Istisu sanatorium can accommodate up to 200 people at the same time. People come to the sanatorium, even from abroad.

Istisu Sanatorium is a great place for rest and health recovery. The sanatorium allows tourists use the water as a treatment tool and enjoy variety of tourist facilities inside beautiful nature

Treatment procedure

There are 31 tourism facilities operating in Masalli. Three of them are curative. You usually stay in cottages. But their locations are in different places. Whether there are cottages on top of the mountain, in the woods or close to the baths? The cottages have hot, cold water, tv, satellite antenna and refrigerator.

Every morning after the breakfast you go to have a hot bath treatment. If the cottage you stay in is close to the place, you can go there by foot

There are private bathrooms in the treatment center. In the rooms, the bathtubs are filled with that hot water. You enter the bathtube , lie with your whole body in it and take a hot bath. It is not advisable to stay longer than 3 minutes for the first time. Otherwise, it can cause nausea, dizziness and fainting. Next time you can stay in the bathroom for 5 minutes, 10 minutes.

After the treatment immediately back to your cottage and keep your body warm. After 1 hour you can take a shower with clean simple water in your cottage bathroom.

It is important to wear warm clothing immediately after hot bath. Because if your body temperature rises and you get cold, you may be sick. With this in mind, people choose the summer months for Istisu treatment. It is also advisable to go to bed after a bath or have hot tea. It would be a great pleasure to have a “samovar tea” after a hot healing bath :) 

The Tourist Advise!

If you have the above mentioned diseases and are looking for healing, if you want to find healing without using medication and by resting in nature, this is that place!