Noghul recipe

Noghul recipe

 As we know, you can see many delicious things from Azerbaijani national cuisine in every Azerbaijani house during Novruz holiday. Nogul is one of themFirst of all, it should be noted that cooking nogul is not very easy. We recommend that you buy ready-made nougat in stores. So as not to bother to cook. But if you want to, here's the recipe: 

Necessary products:

  It is made of solid sugar syrup, coriander seeds and rice flour with the addition of vinegar. 

Sugar ... 1 kg,
flour ..90 gr,
vinegar essence 6% 2 tea spoon,
coriander seeds ... 30-40 gr

How to prepare:

Nogul is cooked in a special pot with hot air (a large pot like the left picture). However, instead of making it at home, it can also be made in a pot like the picture on the right.

First you need to cook the syrup. Mix sugar, flour, seeds and essence and cook slowly. (Would you like to make this dish together? Join our Cooking Masterclasses to learn and taste the national cuisine of Azerbaijan!) Then food coloring, fruit aroma, raisins, peanuts, etc. can be added. The shape is round, the surface is rough, the color is white, sometimes pink and yellow. Now we have these delicious sweet candies to drink with black tea.

Nush olsun! ( Bon Appetit! )