Taxi services in Baku Azerbaijan

Taxi services in Baku Azerbaijan


What taxi services can be useful in Baku? Which is the cheapest of them? How are the fares, comfort, timeliness and delivery to the addresses?

Here are taxi services in Baku with all the details and fares!

Taxi business in Baku has been growing rapidly in recent years.The development of this area has had a positive impact on both price reduction and customer convenience. Thus, companies compete with each other, and of course, the customer uses a cheaper and more comfortable taxi service. Taxis operating in the capital city can be divided into such groups, mainly because of their specificity. You can choose any of these when you need a taxi in the Baku city:

  • London cabs 
  • Local taxi service companies
  • Other cars – town cars, random taxis
  • Apps to order a taxi
  • London cabs

These taxis have in contrast to most other taxis a taximeter on board. You can see two kinds of that: Purple and white color.
Code to order: *9000 / +994 50 000 00 00 

Price for 1 kilometer (at ordinary times) AZN: 0.7
Price for 1 kilometer (At peak times) AZN: 0.7

1.Purple London cabs 

London taxi services near the  airport in Baku Azerbaijan

These cars used in Baku are equipped with POS-terminals, which enables the customer to pay with plastic cards.These taxis are purple versions of a London black cab. The drivers usually have a good comprehension of English and know Baku very well. You can also pay for them to wait for you while you are eating in restaurants / sightseeing. Interestingly, the cab drivers are as talkative as a good old London ‘cabbie’ and will often give you a guided tour as they drive you around. They are very good for giving suggestions on where to eat / go and see. The taxi’s queue outside all of the hotels in Baku and it is easy to hail one from the street.

2. White London cabs

London taxi services near the  airport in Baku Azerbaijan

There are the white cabs in Baku too – slightly cheaper, however are not always as easy to communicate with. They will follow an address if you write it down on a piece of paper, which we found to be the best way. If you choose to travel by white cab, it is best to agree a price beforehand.

  • Local taxi companies 

You will see many taxis (mostly London taxis) in front of terminal at Airport. They usually charge more than reasonable price. But if you'll have sim card you can any of these local taxi services.These taxsi services is highly preferred by local people to go anywhere inside capital city The cheapest prices you will get. But note that there may be a possibility to speak a foreign language with the call center and the driver.

Here we present you a list of the prices on the taxi companies in Baku to be calculated for 1 kilometer.

The price list of taxi services in Baku Azerbaijan

  • Other taxi services – town cars, random taxis

You will not face any problems finding taxi, as there are a lot of them on the streets.But be veryyy careful when you get on a random taxi in the street. They might try to tell you way more expensive price since you’re a foreigner. Most taxis are unmetered. A journey anywhere within the city centre will cost 15 manats, though it is possible to negotiate much lower fares if you have the patience. Expect to be asked more if you dont't speak Azeri or Russian. Driving may be a little adventurous and rear seat belts do not abound.These taxis do not generally accept foreign currencies. Make sure you have change before travelling as some drivers may not.

taxi staying at the street

  • Taxsi Apps in Baku, Azerbaijan

Using taxi applications is the easiest and most practical way among the options we have explained above. You just download the application to your phone and order a taxi, the driver will know where to go beforehand and you will not need to pay when you arrive at the address.

"Bolt Taxi" ("Taxify") 

"Uber Taxi"

"Utap Taxi"

"Omega Taxi"