Sabunchu flea market in Baku

Sabunchu flea market in Baku


Indeed, as sellers say, "Everything is sold here, except flea".

That is why this market is popularly called "Flea market". In fact, this place has several names; The so-called "flea market", "kolkhoz", "Sabunchu market" and even "dump market" . Here were formerly called "Russian market", because most sellers were Russian, but now but it has stayed only 5% are Russian sellers.

The exact date of the market is not known, but some say it is still in use since the Soviet times. For vendors who working here this is the only opportunity to earn money for their families.
And for people who are reluctant to buy expensive new clothes, this market is a great opportunity.

The market is located in Baku - Sabunchu settlement. Here you can find everything you need, from needles, furniture, to desks, to children's clothing, to household appliances, to the technical equipment.

When you tour the market, you will think that: "- Wow how cheap! ... There is a great variety, and more interesting than shopping malls"

Don't humiliate by saying "flea market"! ... You can find every single brand on this place. Brands, imported goods, "socks" from France ... There are all kinds of household goods here. Same brand, same quality, but cheap enough to shock, either with a second hand or an invisible defect, just need to be careful.

Listen the funny customer call slogans here! Sellers always praise their goods and call their customers with their own interesting expressions, it is really funny. 

Sellers also funny. One of that sellers, a man with a mustache, says: "Tourists often come here and see my mustache and take pictures with me. 

Visitors are simple city dwellers, those who want to buy cheap jewelry, tourists and antique lovers. For them, there are porcelain angels, German statuettes, bronze watches, and copper coffee-maker sets from Soviet times are attractive and valuable. Workers also come to buy old clothes and shoes

There is also a covered part of the market, where goods are placed nearly

Work hours:

Sabunchu flea market is open: only on Saturday and Sunday

How to get there:

  1. By the bus: (numbers 13, 204).
  2. By the metro: Koroglu m/s
  3. By the taxi: from Torgovy (Nizami street) – ‘’+ -“8 AZN

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