The Sheki region in Azerbaijan is a culturally rich and historically significant area known for its stunning landscapes, architectural heritage, and vibrant traditions.

Sheki's reputation for hospitality extends to its diverse range of accommodation options, ensuring that visitors have a comfortable and memorable stay.

There are various hotels here for the convenience of tourists:

Marxal Resort & Spa is a luxurious getaway nestled in the picturesque countryside near Sheki. The resort offers stylish accommodations, a range of dining options, a spa offering various treatments, and outdoor activities such as horseback riding and hiking.

Sheki Park Hotel: Located amidst lush greenery, Sheki Park Hotel offers a tranquil retreat for guests. The hotel features comfortable rooms, a restaurant serving Azerbaijani and European cuisine, and facilities including a swimming pool, sauna, and fitness center.

Sheki Palace Hotel: This luxury hotel offers elegant accommodations with modern amenities. Located close to Sheki's main attractions, Sheki Palace Hotel features spacious rooms, a restaurant serving Azerbaijani and international cuisine, a fitness center, and conference facilities.

There are several highlights of the Sheki region:

Sheki Caravanserai is indeed a remarkable historical site that reflects the region's role as a crucial stop along the Silk Road. Caravanserais were essential for merchants and travelers as places of rest, shelter, and trade

Baklava is a traditional Azerbaijani pastry that holds cultural significance in the Sheki region and throughout Azerbaijan. Sheki paxlava, in particular, is renowned for its unique preparation and taste.

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